Quarantine Day 23: Random Thoughts of A Quarantined Person

98/366: Quarantine Day 23

The CCP Bay with extra blue water reflected from the blue sky. Taken at 7:000 on Quarantine Day 15

Some 10 years ago I created this site with a broken heart. 

Not romantically but, professionally.  I just ended a job which I fell in love with.  I put too much passion and effort to it then it was sort of taken away from me.  I was brokenhearted!

I usually walk when my head is too clouded. But, that time I was so angry that I didn't notice that I was running.  Running probably from the pain that I was into.  

Then it became a habit.  I was frequenting the Mall of Asia Bay and the PICC Complex.  I prefer the CCP Complex because it gives me the view both of the bay, the park and the peaceful-looking edifices.

That unconscious running led me to joining fun races and I was really enjoying it.  And then without me noticing it, I was too involved in everything about running!  I got acquainted with lots of people in the running community, receiving invites from popular running groups and organizers part of which of course is to promote/write about running.  I even influenced my family and bunch of friends into running.  At that time, I was sort of known as a "runner" though personally I still refused to recognized myself as one because I don't feel that I've done enough or run enough to be tagged as one.  That phase of my life lasted for more than three years.  

Eventually I found new jobs which the one I am currently on is now on my 7th year (Yes, I'm that loyal).  And again, without me noticing it I unconsciously drifted away from my running habits. I am no longer keeping tab of my PR, not buying running gears, my sneaker ratio leans more to the fashionable ones versus my running shoes. I'm running less and less.  Now I'm not even sure if I can finish a 5km fun run.  

I am justifying my "not running" for time.  I didn't have time, I'm too busy, I had more pressing matters to attend to rather than spend time running.  And more reasons that thinking about them right now are all stupid reasons. 

It's sad.  

I feel sad that I let that passion go. 
I feel sad that now that I have all the  time in the world to run but, I'm not allowed to be out there. 
Now I'm not sure which which is more sadder 

Please forgive all the errors on this post.  I'ts been quite a while that I hit the keyboard to share my random thoughts. 

Also, you will find some COVID19 stat info on my sites.  I just want that I have something to look back someday when we are all free from this pandemic. 

Stay safe everyone! 

COVID19 Stats as of Date 
Confirmed Cases: 3,660
Fatalities: 163
Recovered: 73


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