The Running Bride and Groom

Hello everyone!  It’d been quite a while I know right?

But anyway,  I am so glad that something motivated me and lead me back clicking that new post icon on this blog which I feel is already covered by thick cobwebs similar to haunted houses in horror movies.  Forgive me with the simile ha ha.  Also forgive me if I’ll have grammar lapses cause you know it’s been quite a while and my vocabulary and grammar are both quite rusty.  Besides, I’m not planning to give this a proof reading or whatever so as not to lose the spontaneity as I type my happy thoughts away. 

A wedding!

Yep a wedding is the culprit cum inspiration why I suddenly went back tapping on my lappy.  Yesterday I felt so honored to be a part of a running-inspired wedding event.  This is also the reason why I am sharing this here instead to my other home at Balut Manila

So before I proceed, I hope that the bride and groom won’t mind me sharing on this site some bits of their beautiful wedding.  And if they do mind, then I’ll just use my “Ninang-Pass-Card” (grins).

So I got the invitation!
Gosh it asked me to train which I felt so guilty of because I was not able to.  I got so caught up with the d*mn thing called work!  (excuses, excuses, more excuses!  Duh!) The result = I looked obese in spite of the midnight blue color motif.  (Sighs and cries insert here)


Running Shoes Recommended!

Yes the bride and groom and so does the entourage are wearing running shoes!  Cute right!

18787911_1548827165129971_304975585_n (1)


What is running without the Finish Line?

I consider this as one of the highlights of the occasion.  The bride and groom ran to the finish line!  Awesome!


If you are wondering why running is the motif of Eric and Dada’s wedding - it’s because Eric and Dada’s relationship developed while they are joining race events and running together.  In short, running is their common denominator.  By the way, I am the one who introduced running to the bride that is why she sometimes endearingly calls me “coach”. 

The Reception!  It topped all the after-the-run event I attended! 

Of course I’m VIP (winks*).  The venue is decorated with running-related items.  And their videos reflects a lot about running apart from travel.

18767074_1548825195130168_2052729187_o (1)

The Loot Bag!

Wooot I so love them.  I got a loot bag full of goodies fit for runners, a running-inspired cup cake and for us Ninangs – a beautiful rosary pearl bracelet – aaaw my weakness! I can not ask for more!


My message,

To the gorgeous bride and the dashing groom Eric and Dada, first off my congratulations for your successful wedding.  The ceremony is touching, heartwarming and fun at the same time.  You were able to combine both the solemnity and fun on this very important occasion of your lives.  The reception is awesome!  The venue and the food are equally great!  Jeez I was so full and feeling sleepy that I need to ask for coffee but it voids its purpose because I sip the cup while munching a plateful of sweet pastries ha ha.  Your entourage are all amazing and that includes me! The host is so funny and witty – thumbs up to his hosting!  The videos are all soo interesting and wow for the “same-date edit” of your wedding vid coverage (May pa-drone pa talaga!).  all in all kudos to both of you and to all the people behind the success of your wedding!

Now, my serious message,

Eric and Dada, your wedding marks the Start Line of your married life but this is one race that we wouldn’t wish for a finish line.  There will be lots of challenges, bumps, sprains and injuries that you will meet and experience along the way but, I am sure you will surpass them all if you will run this race together.  Be the best running buddy to each other. Make sure that as you race and one of you falls along the route, the other one should always be there to help the other one.  Carry him/her or crawl together if you must.  Share each others strength.  Love and trust one another.  Above all, trust the One Great Guy above!  He’s the master of all races.  He’s the only One you two can rely on who will definitely help you tackle all the races that married life will be giving you.  Welcome them with love, strength and prayers,

And of course, know that I will always be around as your friend, running buddy and your Ninang.  As I always say, Run and keep on running.  Now, love and keep on loving!

Pssst Dada, I am so in love with your gown that  I am now insanely thinking to borrow it but the problem is “how and why” - for all the reasons for both questions (gulo ko)!

I hope that you two have already forgiven me by now about the Christmas card.  Sssssh…


The best thing to hold onto in life is each other 
~Audrey Hepburn~


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