Today's Run: On Monsoon Rain, Sea Bugs and Waves Kissing The Sea Wall

6:52AM on a Monday, 15th of August 2016

Oh I’m just glad that I am not only back to running but also to posting one of my favorite series on this blog “Today’s Run”.

Obviously because my favorite time of the year is back – the rainy season. Can’t remember how many posts I made here that I am running under the (strong) rain (sometimes typhoon)  and how many times did I mention how I love doing it.

So what’s the difference of this run versus my other run under the rain?

Well, while everybody's busy catching Pokemon! I’m busy chasing sea bugs, the monsoon rain and wind and watching fierce waves kissing the sea wall!  Ever wonder how good that is?  Wow! this is reality and one of nature's best show!

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Compared to chasing virtual creatures from your mobile devices which cost you extra budget for your mobile data, centralized your life in charging your devices and power banks and having the risk in falling off bridges or run over by vehicles or smashing your cars to some PokeStops, I absolutely prefer what I'm doing right now.

Not that I can't do it or can't afford to do PokemonGo.  My mobile subscription includes a 5gig data and I'm using a waterproof mobile device  - I am actually all equipped to play the game.  But thank God I resisted!

Today’s Music: Fast Car via Spotify 

Today's Running Outfit
Hoodie Jacket/Windbreaker – Dark Blue Adidas
Singlet – Great Walled City Run
Sports Bra – Triumph (it's complicated and I wish to make a separate entry about this LOL) 
Running Pants – All Star
Shades: Cybershades
Watch: Spalding
Shoes: Nike Free (I should have worn my worn New Balance) 

After The Run Food: French Toast and Tea (At home - need to rush home as I am soaked and dripping after the run).


PokemonGo is a free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices.  It was release in the Philippines on end July 2016.

The idea of the game is to travel between the real and the virtual world of Pokemon.  The game used real locations to encourage players to search far and wide in the real world to discover Pokemon.  PokemonGo allows the gamer to find and catch more than a hundred species of Pokemon as they explore their surroundings. 

CTT Source: Wikipedia and Pokemon,com

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