Today’s Run: Some Basic Full Body Exercises on A Rainy Day and Monday

The sky is looking gloomy when we headed out to our (hubby and me) regular Monday morning run. The horizon looks so dark and seemed like warning us that a heavy rain is about to fall.

Amidst the rain warning and with our fingers crossed we proceeded with the plan to have at least some short runs. Hubby is religiously taking at least an hour run backed by his determination to push through his plan of running a full marathon if not late this year or early next year.

While my only wish this morning is to catch the group of people who are doing their mixture of (full body) exercises on weekdays. It has a been a while since the last time I joined my own weekend group because I was not available for the past weekends.

Anyway, as I anticipated with this morning’s kind of weather the fitness group of people is not on their usual spot. So I forced myself to run at least 3K. But dang! I left my wireless headset back home. This is going to be a real-cruel-run (told myself while sighing)

After some short runs round the park and a single pass at the CCP ramp I ended up taking hubby’s challenge to try his short work outs.

The idea of this work out is to do these exercises in 30 seconds each. This morning we tried the “17 Full body work out

Me doing the jumping jacks. Please ignore the weight gained LOL!

1. Plunking
2. Chest expander
3. Squats
4. Overhead arm clap
5. Bend Leg Twist
6. Step touch
7. Jumping jacks
8. Wall push ups
9. Running in place
10. Forward lunges
11. Steam Engine
12. Rear Lunges
13. Elevated Crunches
14. Jumping Ropes
15. Windmill
16. One armed side push-up
17. Push ups

You may want to try these short work outs. Find one online and download to your mobiles so you can do it anytime that you’re free.

Today’s Running Wear:
Anticipating that it will rain anytime , I chose light clothing for today. Tops is my 2015 Nike All Women’s Run Shirt which is dri-fit material and won’t cling on my body once I happen to be soaked in the rain. My black shorts is one that I usually wear to top my swimwear for the same obvious reason. Shoes is my Nike Free 5.0 which I intentionally worn without socks for the same reason. Plus that Nike Free shoes is always best worn without socks.

Today’s Music:
Nada! I left my headset at home remember?

Today’s Food:
I think it was French toast and coffee. I’m not sure because I am actually posting this late. This happened and drafted last Monday. I finalized and posted this just today.  I know I have been procrastinating for an extended time but hey I’m trying to be back both in blogging and sweating out!

What about you? What little exercises have you been doing? Or you have been  on extended procrastination too

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

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