I’m nuts!

I registered myself to a 21K race!

I registered in the manner the way I typed that opening sentence on this post – without thinking. 

This is the first time that I registered without inviting and consulting  my running buddies.  I just went online, clicked the registered button and paid so I won’t be able to hold back and think if I can do this.

NatGeo registration

I just feel that it’s really time for me to do some “level-up” in my running and I won’t be able to do this if I will consider things.

I remember that back in 2012 I was almost ready to tackle the 21K distance, but instead of aiming to run at this distance, I went backward.  As I reasoned out, work (and lots of things)got in the way.  I run less, I gained weight, I became slow.  I am struggling to finish even a 5K race .  That was bad!

So to get back on the right track, I close my eyes and listened to my hubby telling me that it’s about time and I can do this! So here it is, my first 21K is happening through the National Geographic Earth Day Run 2015 on April 26, 2015.

NatGeoRun 2015

Hope runners on the same “holding back” case as I was will join me on this goal. Anyway, running should be going forward, increasing the distance and not the other way around.

To help me and my readers, the next article that I will be posting on this blog is something related to on “how to run your first 21K run”.

What about you? How did you know or feel that it’s about time to do a level-up?


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