Today’s Run: On Calculated Running Route, Headset Mixed Up and Food Hassles

Thanks to my hubby’s invite it motivated me to drag my heavy fat a*s out of bed and collect my running gears while my eyes are still half closed.

Hubby said that it would be a fresh and nice running route for me because the road has less traffic, the place being a series of private classy residential houses.  He’s talking about the Acacia Estate in Taguig City wherein he has a Sunday coaching session.

It put a wide smile on my face when we finally reached our destination.  Indeed it’s one good running route.  As we enter the village we met a bunch of early runners enjoying the road.  And holy crap!  Most of them are wearing Milo Marathon singlet which reminds me like a strong slap in my lazy "ensaymada" face that the race is happening soon - in barely a week!  This coming Sunday! And I haven’t had even a good 5K run in my irregular “training”.  Holy crap I will crawl again to the finish line!

That race this coming Sunday brought another motivational jolt in my worsening lazy being.  So after exchanging pleasantries with hubby’s colleagues I immediately hit the road and started running slowly.  The sun is already up and there was no sign of warning rain cloud.  In fact the sun automatically made an impression on my skin quickly.

From the point where I started I reached the village entrance and saw a beholding sight!  A distance signage saying that it’s 500 meters away from where I started.  So this means when I make a round trip from where I started to this point is equal to 1 km!  Nice!  How I love to run exactly knowing the distance I am taking.  It feels just like you are on an official race with distance marker.


I ended my run after three rounds (=3 kms).  The sun is already at its best toasting capability and I am badly needing hydration.  I was contemplating how will I survive my 10K run this Sunday when I can barely finish a 3K leisure run (frown).  Well back in my “crawl if you must” motivation.

Today’s Running Wear:
My old Nike classic running shorts with side and back pockets.  I intentionally wear this shorts because of its pockets so I can put my wallet/card holder, my mobile phone and an extra headset.  Well I don’t usually run with lots of things in my pocket but the place is unfamiliar to me.  Hubby will be busy with his coaching and might not be available to tend to me in case there would be unexpected incident along the road.  Better be ready than sorry you know.

I brought an extra headset which is my own wired headset in case it will rain because I’m supposed to be using hubby’s wireless headset.  It turned out he brought one of his own wired headset also (he has a ton of headsets by the way).  I instantly frowned at the sight of his wired headset and when I questioned about it he reasoned that it did not cross his mind that I was borrowing his wireless because I have my own wireless. 

I explained that I haven’t tested mine in running and I didn’t brought it because it’s more bulky and so and so and so… (okay I will just tell this headset brouhaha in another post).  So there I went running with a wired headset and an extra wired headset in my pocket. LOL!

Anyway, I am also wearing my singlet from PUP Alumni Fun Run 2012 which design I really love and my Nike Bowerman which I have been using for a couple of morning runs because this is also the pair I’m planning to wear during the Milo race on the 27th.

Today’s Song:
I used the mixed collection from the iPOd instead of my own collection from my mobile phone.  I can’t remember any of the songs.  It’s one crazy playlist in there.

Today’s Eat:
After the run I dropped by at a nearby supermarket and bought myself a bottle of water.  I saw that there were food stands inside the supermarket and I automatically craved when I saw early shoppers enjoying a smoking bowl of goto!  Aaaw can’t wait for hubby’s coaching to be done so we can eat this smoking “goto”!

However hubby has another thing in mind so he requested to give way to my craving some other time. He was actually making fun of my “after run goto craving”.

I went with his plan to stop him making fun of my food idea which later I self-realized that it was really laughable (LOL).  It turned out he wanted to pass by and check for compression shorts from an Adidas outlet along our way home.  There are fast food  outlets in the area he said.

After the Adidas stop (they don't have compression shorts by the way), we decided for some Chinese taste today.  The place looks cozy and comfy so everything seems going okay until the food crew served our desert first before our main meal. I frowned at the service and wanted to say:
”Oh sorry, I was too exhausted to remind you that you should serve the main meal first before the dessert! It’s common sense by the way!”.  But instead I made a polite reminder to the crew and then I shut up.  I’m really am exhausted.

So today’s eat is an odd combination of hot and cold that we ate simultaneously ha ha. Hot Wanton soup , Siopao, Soda and  Halo-halo – odd!.


All in all it was a good day!  Hope you are all having a good and blessed Sunday as well!


ZaiZai said...

I know it's fast food but they should at least know the order of how meals are served no? Hahaha :)

Aja on your scheduled 5k run! You can do it! If you can't and you think that you have to crawl, do it with poise hehe :)

BloggerRunner said...

Yes Zai kasama naman yung order list di ba?

Actually I'm registered for 10K :) And I think I mastered the art of crawling with poise ha ha.


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