Throwback Thursday–Milo and The Milo Marathon

“The name MIlo was coined after the Greek mythical character who was known for his extraordinary strength.  Inspired by its namesake, the brand MILO uses its winning energy to strengthen Filipinos through sports.”

Both photos are displayed today Thursday June 19, 2014 at the Media Launching of the 38th Milo Marathon held at Bayview Park Hotel.


Unknown said...

I have same age as Milo Marathon? They must have skipped 2 years then since it's just the 38th this year. Sad that I didn't know about this launching event. Is it by invitation only? I saw one blogger din kasi on her IG account. Nanalo pa ng Timex Ironman watch waaaahhhhh

BloggerRunner said...

HI Aileen good to see you again!

Hmn I have to research on that "2 yrs skip".

Yep the launch is by invitation. I have been attending this for like 3 to 4 years I think.

I am currently hating my mobile data provider because we need to post a hash tag in Twitter or Instagram to have an entry for those prizes and mine failed to post due to poor signal! Grrrr!

Your friend is sooo lucky I am eyeing those Timex watches. There are 10 or 11 of them given away hu hu hu.


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