I Have 15 Days

A running buddy officially registered me (us) to a 10K fun run for June 15 – THANK God!  It’s been quite a while.

So this means that I only have 15 days to make my body to fit again to run and finish 10K.  That’s quite a challenge right now for I have been very vocal that I had not only been a “prodigal” runner but also been so cruel with my physical being or letting my body to gain a lot of weight in just a short period of time.  I had been bad!  Very very bad!

I am not proud of it in fact I am ashamed of it.  But I am just treating it the way those alcoholic characters in the movies wherein they need to admit first that they are alcoholic prior to treating themselves.

It will be real tough for me. It would be as tough when I was just started to run some three years back.  But I am hoping I can do this. Sigh…

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Photo credits: Google Images


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