A Year Older and a LOT Heavier!

It’s my birthday today! A year older and a LOT LOT heavier!

Aaaw!  I don’t mind being a year older.  I am proud to be old.  I consider birthdays as one huge blessing.  I simply believed that life is beautiful and being alive each day is something to celebrate.

However it seems that I celebrated much for the last three months and somewhat neglected my physical being which automatically turned me to an instant synonym of the word “chubby”.  And few more days of the same habit I ‘m pretty sure I will evolve into the synonym of the word “OBESE”. Waaah!

There is actually just few ways to kick-out these “fast-evolving” bulges. And that is…

1. Less rice, sweets and calories therefore less eating!

How do I avoid thee? I don’t know the ways.


3. More runs and physical activities.

I did try to start yesterday and I will try my very best to go back to regular running after the first quarter.  I hope that by that time my schedule is more manageable.  Of course I know too that there shouldn’t be any alibi when it comes to maintaining physical fitness,  In short I need to get back my long lost discipline. 

So who would like to join me?  But before we do that let me just have a huge slice of my cake. Yum!


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