Holiday Greetings from a Chubby Runner and Some Running Tips for the Holidays

Apart from being eaten by my work even during the holidays I think I am also being carried away by the holiday mood and I’m eating A LOT! 
“OMG! I had two servings of the one in the plate and a variety of the one in the cocktail glasses.  If my hang-over-affected-memory serves me right I had Tequila Sunrise till the sun rises and the Blue Hawaii made me wake up feeling that I was really surfing in Hawaii when actually it was my head that was spinning. LOL!”

The result = chubby me!  All my outfits are getting tighter and tighter  and my purse thinner and thinner (sigh). LOL!

Anyway I’m posting this to let everybody know that this is not the right way to spend the holidays.  Enjoy the season but don’t neglect our physical activities and abuse our health!  I know it’s easier said than done that’s why I am sharing this helpful link about Running Tips for the Holidays.

Let’s try our best to stay fit and healthy in spite of all the holiday temptations.  Let me also take this opportunity to greet everyone a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS! …and of course to thank everyone for giving this site a fruitful, bountiful and awesome blogging year for 2013! 


runners wish

Keep safe, keep fit and HAPPY!


Senyor Iskwater said...

awww... kakaguilty naman ang post na ito... haaayyyy uber gluton pa naman ako this holiday season... sarap kasi kumain... simple lang ng wish mo kay santa at for sure it will be granted... tnx ulit sa sponsorship!

Unknown said...

I also wish to run faster! And my goal is to run 21K next year! Hehehe

happy new year my friend! :)


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