To Whom This Pair of Running Shoe May Come–Prelude

Just before Typhoon Yolanda happened I was collecting my family’s pre-loved items so that I can donate them to a set of friends who are raising funds that will be used for their outreach programs.  However for some reasons (that I partly blame to my hopeless overloaded schedule) I was not able to finish collecting the items for donation.  I was so disappointed and I remember scolding myself for several days.

You see I love donating pre-loved items though most of the time I asked the recipients not to announce it publicly (and so do with the other small charities that I do).  Donating usable stuff that you no longer need is beneficial in two ways.  First, it enables you to do a small act of charity plus it also gives you the chance to spend time cleaning out and disposing useful things in a meaningful manner.

For some reasons my family has this mysterious way of accumulating lots of clothing and personal stuff (and not to boast most of them are of good quality and brands).  But no! - we do not buy them all.  Most of them are gifts from relatives and friends.  Anyway I think this clothing accumulation is normal because me and husband are both working and need to dress up most of the time plus that we have two rapidly growing kids.

Anyway going back to the unfinished collection of pre-loved stuff (1st paragraph). I continued  collecting miscellaneous items that we no longer need from our family stuff.  My thought is that I would have a ready batch to send to anybody who will need them.  Then came Typhoon Yolanda… I did not think twice. 

But here’s one secret that I would like to share and I hope that you will not judge me for this.  In spite of my not having problem on letting go of my personal stuff even some of them have  sentimental values, there are particular stuff that I can’t let go – my running gears. Particularly my running shoes. 

running shoesThey are not extra-ordinary nor the most expensive pairs.  But no matter how old and worn out my running shoes are I don’t give them away.  I wear them till it almost beg me to throw them away.  When a new pair came and the other pairs are still wearable, they just stay in my shoe cabinet.  I don’t know why but I won’t and can’t give them away.

That is why it was such a wonder for me when while I was cleaning my shoe cabinet, I suddenly picked some pairs and consider the thought of including them among the items that I continuously collecting for donation to Typhoon Yolanda victims.

Will I or will I not let these pairs go?  To be continued…

37th Milo Marathon: Angeles Eliminations Leg Result

Middle-distance runners Wenlie Maulas and Nikki Roque overcame the challenges of a 21K route and outraced other division contenders Sunday at the 37th National MILO Marathon in Angeles City. Today marks Roque’s first and Maulas’ second entry to the country’s biggest and most prestigious footrace, where they both took home the P 10,000 top purse for their victory.

Wenlie Maulas and Nikki Roque dominated the Angeles qualifying leg of the country's most prestigious running event, the 37th National MILO Marathon.

2 (10)

A total of 7,367 students, athletes, and running enthusiasts joined the last qualifying race of the season, where 35 runners earned a slot to the finale on December 8 at the SM Mall of Asia grounds in Pasay City. They will compete with 500 of the country’s finest runners for the championship title and for an all-expenses paid trip to the 2014 Paris Marathon courtesy of MILO.

A total of 7,367 runners blazed the Angeles track Sunday at the last qualifying leg of the 37th National MILO Marathon.

1 (11)

As a seasoned mid-distance runner, Maulas used his speed and agility to his advantage and crossed the finish line at an impressive finishing time of 1:15:53, followed by Ganny Lou Coloma at a distant second (1:23:51) and Ronald Salgado in third (1:24:01).The 24-year old runner, who recently graduated from the University of the East-Manila, is hailed as one of the best athletes from the campus for winning multiple UAAP Men’s titles in 800m and 1,500m athletics. He also finished 4th place in the 2011 ASEAN University Games in Thailand.

Maulas expressed that he had difficulty finding his pace in the extensive 21K track, as this is only his second time completing the distance. His first 21K race was the National MILO Marathon in San Pablo in 2010, where he qualified for the National Finals and achieved his best time yet of 1:14. He also said that the coming finale will serve as one of the biggest challenges of his career.
“My younger brother, who trains with me, also joined the 5K race earlier. We both hope to make a career out of running and represent the country at international races someday.  The MILO Marathon finale is the first step towards realizing that dream. I’ll focus on my training for the next two weeks and practice 3 hours a day in preparation for the race.” ~Wenlie Maulas~
In the distaff side, 20-year old Roque proved that perseverance pays off and finished at 1:58:22, way ahead of Mary Gallano (2:06:52) and Therese Dimalanta (2:07:14). Roque is a government scholar at the Bataan Peninsula State University, and like Maulas, is a varsity athlete with several 1.5K, 3K, and 5K titles under her belt.

Despite being challenged by the rough road and by a persistent rival throughout the race, Roque expressed that her keen focus on the end goal gave her a second wind. In her younger years, Roque joined barangay races to contribute to her family’s finances. She also recently placed second in the 5K Orani Water District’s Water Dragon Run 2012: Run for the Watershed in Bataan. Aside from her family, Roque finds strength and motivation from her coach.
“Another competitor led the first 400 meters of the track, but I was able to match her pace and take the lead. At the 12th kilometer, all I could think about was winning the race to provide food for my family.”
“Our varsity coach at BPSU consistently motivates me to become a better athlete. He serves as an inspiration to me and my fellow varsity athletes.” ~Nikki Roque~
“Transitioning to a more competitive area of the sport is not an easy feat, which is why the National MILO Marathon maintains well-designed races for our country’s best college athletes. Whether it is the shortest or the longest distance in the discipline, runners are able to meet a certain level of challenge in the MILO Marathon that drives them to become better on the track. We are proud to welcome new faces in the MILO arena, and hope that they become the next wave of champions who will bring pride to our country~” Andrew Neri, MILO Sports Executive~
MILO encourages the youth to engage in the sport of running to develop sportsmanship and fitness.

4 (4)

As part of its ongoing commitment to develop sports in the country, MILO has given a total of 33,200 shoes to public school students nationwide through MILO’s Help Give Shoes advocacy. With the invaluable support of the Department of Education and the National MILO Marathon runners, MILO delivered 500 pairs of running shoes to beneficiary schools today in Angeles City, namely Dr. Clemente Dayrit Elementary School, Arayat Central School, Pampanga National High School, Manibaug Elementary School, and San Fernando Elementary School.

MILO's Help Give Shoes advocacy today reached the 33,200 mark after distributing 500 pairs of brand new rubber shoes to beneficiaries in Angeles City.

3 (10)

Click this link to view the complete race result.

37th Milo Marathon: Tarlac Eliminations Leg Result

Last year’s local winner, Miscelle Gilbuena made good use of her familiarity with the route to earn herself a back-to-back victory at the 37th National MILO Marathon in Tarlac City. Veteran runner Rafael Poliquit also showed perseverance under pressure and outlasted his closest pursuer, former MILO Marathon King Julius Sermona, in the men’s division race. Like many of this season’s marathon champions, both Gilbuena and Poliquit serve the country as members of the Philippine Air Force.

Veteran campaigners Rafael Poliquit and Miscelle Gilbuena edge their strong contenders to claim a trip to the 37th National MILO Marathon National Finals in December

1 (10)

Of the 12,089 students and running enthusiasts who joined the race, 55 runners successfully beat the clock and booked a ticket to the finale in December. They are set to compete with 500 other elite runners from across the country for the championship title and for an all-expenses paid trip to the 2014 Paris Marathon courtesy of MILO. As a testament to the increasing number of skilled athletes in provincial areas, the Tarlac race has tied Manila for the most number of qualifiers in a single regional leg this season.

12,089 runners braved the 37th National MILO Marathon qualifying leg in Tarlac.

2 (9)

24-year old Poliquit found himself running alongside seasoned runners Sermona and Elmer Sabal, and sparked a rivalry with the veterans throughout the race. Poliquit managed to take the lead at the last 10 meters of the race, and settled the score at the finish line at 1:12:38, relegating Sermona to second place with 1:12:47 and Sabal to third at 1:13:53.
“It was a very close race. Sermona was my strongest contender, and I was only able to pull away at the last minute. With a slot in the finale secured, my next goal is to beat Kenyan runners in the Open Category of the National Finals.” ~Rafael Poliquit~
In the distaff division, 25-year old Gilbuena took the lead at the sound of the starting gun, but struggled throughout the first few meters of the race. After finding her pace at the 2-kilometer mark, she ran alongside strong male contenders and crossed the finish line at 1:28:06. Last year’s second placer Berna Pulmano finished behind her a distant second at 1:36:13, followed by Melinda de los Reyes at 1:42:16.
Gilbuena started running in the MILO Marathon in 2008 and has since consistently qualified for the National Finals year after year. This victory, the sprinter said, is dedicated to her family in Cebu, who are victims of the unfortunate events that affected thousands of our countrymen.
“It has only been a few weeks since the earthquake and the typhoon hit our hometown in Cebu. My family is still trying to pick up the pieces. Knowing that I could use my winnings to help them gave me a second wind and propelled me towards the finish line.” ~Miscelle Gilbuena~
Miscelle said that a part of her Php 10,000 prize money will be given to her relatives.
“Our athletes have consistently represented the Filipino resilience and determination to rise against adversity. We are proud that we have produced a group of dedicated and public-spirited individuals who run for the country and its people. MILO is one with the athletic community in dedicating every competitive stride to our countrymen after the recent events in the Visayan region. We hope that our runners’ passion inspire bravery and the will to move through the greatest challenges.” ~Andrew Neri, MILO Sports Executive~
As part of its ongoing commitment to develop sports in the country, MILO has given a total of 32,500 shoes to public school students nationwide through MILO’s Help Give Shoes advocacy. With the invaluable support of the Department of Education and the National MILO Marathon runners, MILO delivered 500 pairs of running shoes to beneficiary schools today in Tarlac City, namely Capas High School, San Miguel Central School, Sto. Cristo Elmentary School, Tarlac West Central School, and Mataalaib Bato Elementary School.

MILO's Help Give Shoes Advocacy today reached the 32,700 mark and is set to lead more little champions to their dreams.

3 (9)

The last regional qualifying race of the season will be held in Angeles City on November 24, before advancing to the SM Mall of Asia grounds for the 37th MILO Marathon National Finals on December 8.

The National MILO Marathon not only inspires athletic aspirations but also unity among Filipino families across the country.

4 (3)

Click this link to view the complete race result.

Rescue Run 2013 for Typhoon Yolanda Victims by Greentennial Run. Count Me In!

I haven’t been officially running for more than three months now but when it comes to running for rescue - Count me in!


The Filipino Running Community once again unite for a noble purpose.  Runners, athletes, families, office mates and friends are invited to join RESCUE RUN happening this Saturday, November 16, 2013 at Bonifacio Global City (9th Street cor 34th Street near the Football Field).

Minimum donation to run for 5K and 10K category is PhP150.00 in exchange for a race bib.  Registration starts Wednesday, November 13, 2013 at:

A Runner’s Circle Manila, Telephone # 567-4786
SecondWind Stores- Teacher’s Village QC, Telephone # 914-0283
- Ortigas Home Depot, Telephone # 914-0283
-Greenhills G-Strip, Telephone #945-7856y

For further details and updates see Greentennial Run Facebook Page (Source).

37th Milo Marathon: Dagupan Eliminations Leg Result

AFP members rule MILO Marathon Dagupan race

Alquin Bolivar and Mirasol Abad, both members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), combated strong winds and the slippery terrain to win the 21K division of the 37th National MILO MarathonSunday in Dagupan City. Both runners are set to lead 26 other qualifiers to the finale in December, where they will compete with the country’s best runners for the championship title and for a trip to the 2014 Paris Marathon courtesy of MILO. A total of 8,043 runners joined the day’s race.

1 (9)

28-year old Bolivar, who hails from Cagayan de Oro, said that he took the lead at gun start, but struggled with his pace at the 12th kilometer mark because of the challenging weather. He eventually pulled away and locked a distance at the last few kilometers, crossing the finish line at 1:13:47. Behind Bolivar were national athlete Robeno Javier at 1:13:53 and Crifrankreadel Indapan at 1:16:02.
“I’m planning to use my training for the AFP Olympics to prepare for the National Finals. Through running, I and other members of the AFP stay in shape for work. We are able to develop good health and perform better.  A lot of the country’s athletes – those who are disciplined and motivated by their sport – are able to achieve bigger opportunities like being recruited by the AFP. The MILO Marathon has become a breeding ground for public servants.” ~Alquin Bolivar~
The Duty Sergeant also expressed that the MILO Marathon helps him promote the AFP and show that they are not just public servants but athletes as well..  He also added that MILO Marathon regional champion Gerald Sabal and two-time MILO Marathon Queen Jho-An Banayag are also members of the AFP.

In the distaff side, 28-year old Abad outlasted female competitors and crossed the finish line at 1:30:49, way ahead of Mercy Taypoc (1:32:52) and Lany Cardona (1:35:20), all while battling a mild cold. Abad, who is a member of the Philippine Duathlon Team, is considered one of the top duathletes in the country. She adds today’s victory to her collection of titles in other national races.
“My training includes a combination of biking and running for 3 hours to extend my endurance and improve my speed,” she said. “I also plan to join the Philippine National Duathlon Championships later this year to prepare for the MILO Marathon National Finals.” ~Mirasol Abad~
Abad also expressed that the MILO Marathon helps develops teamwork and camaraderie among members of the AFP as they frequently run together in the National MILO Marathon.
“MILO salutes the passion and dedication that the men and women of our nation’s armed forces render to defend our countrymen. We at the National MILO Marathon are very proud to have engaged an admirable set of people who continue to lead their fellow athletes to imbibe the core values of a champion. We hope to draw more local heroes to join the discipline and inspire runners to take their love for country and true athleticism to the competitive track.” ~Andrew Neri, MILO Sports Executive~
With the support of the Department of Education and the National MILO Marathon runners, MILO has given a total of 32,200 shoes to public school students nationwide through MILO’s Help Give Shoes advocacy. Through this ongoing commitment to develop sports in the country, MILO delivered 500 pairs of running shoes to beneficiary schools today in Dagupan City, namely East Central Integrated School, Dagupan City National High School, Bonuan Boguig National High School, North Central Elementary School, and Bued National High School.

2 (8)

The qualifying race will resume in Tarlac on November 17, before advancing to Angeles on November 24 for the last regional race of the season. The 37th MILO Marathon National Finals will then be on December 8 at the SM Mall of Asia grounds.

Click this link to view the complete race result.

37th Milo Marathon: Baguio Eliminations Leg Result

Challenged neither by the course nor the competition, reigning MILO Marathon King Eduardo Buenavista treated spectators to a thrilling comeback Sunday at the 37th National MILO Marathon in Baguio City.

3 (8)

Not to be outdone, a be-medalled Cristabel Martes also proved her mettle in the 21K track and earned herself a back-to-back win in the local race. Both Buenavista and Martes have four National MILO Marathon titles under their belt and are considered to be two of the best runners in the country.

2 (7)

Buenavista, Martes and 35 other qualifiers booked themselves a ticket to the finale in December, where 500 of the country’s finest athletes will compete for up to Php 300,000 in cash and for a chance to represent the Philippines at the 2014 Paris Marathon courtesy of MILO. About 5,210 athletes, students and running enthusiasts joined the prestigious race today in the City of Pines.

1 (8)

Leaving no room for error, two-time Olympian Buenavista made good use of his quick reflexes to take the lead at the starting gun, and closed his finishing time at an impressive 1:12:39. With Cesar Castaneto (1:14:21) and last year’s local champion Hernanie Sore (1:19:55) trailing behind him in desperate pursuit, the 35-year old Cotabato native sustained a matchless pace and claimed his third Baguio title.

Adding today’s victory to his extensive collection of titles, Buenavista revealed that he may not be able to compete in this year’s MILO Marathon finals, as he is set to represent the country at the Southeast Asian games (SEAGames) in December.
“If time and condition permit, I’ll compete in the finale. If I do, my goal would be to defeat James Tallam in the Open category race. “I plan to train here in Baguio with the Philippine Athletics Team. My training will cover all aspects of running to ensure that I am prepared to meet strong local and foreign competitors.” ~Eduardo Buenavista~
Last year, Buenavista finished around 3 minutes after his foreign rival, and claimed the Local category win at the MILO Marathon finals.
In the distaff division, long-time Baguio bet Martes posted a wide margin over her closest pursuers Gretchen Ablaza (1:49:41) and Rowena Ba-A (1:50:43), and maintained the distance from start to finish. Unfazed by the uphill track at the end of the route, Martes clocked in at a swift 1:31:33 and claimed her sixth trip to the National Finals.
“I have had a long career as an athlete. I started running in 1992, and shifted to long-distance running in 1999 when a coach of the Philippine team discovered me” ~Cristabel Martes~
That same year, the running legend went on to become the then-youngest female runner to win the National MILO Marathon title at 21 years old. Her other stellar victories include taking home 2 gold medals in the SEAGames (2001, 2005) and winning various international races in Hong Kong and Cambodia. She also expressed that runners like her who are in their 30s perform extraordinarily well in the sport.
“Being 34-years old, I am currently at my athletic prime. I want to maximize my physical peak and use it to cultivate and develop future running champions. However, I have to start focusing more on motherhood.  I respect what MILO is doing to help young athletes and I am proud to be a part of their cause.”  ~Cristabel Martes~
Martes is both a coach at the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and a mother to one daughter.

As an ongoing commitment to inspire more Filipinos especially the youth to overcome all of life’s obstacles and engage in a wholesome sport like running, MILO provides pairs of running shoes to underprivileged students nationwide through MILO’s Help Give Shoes advocacy. With the invaluable support of MILO Marathon runners and partners, a total of 500 pairs were delivered to beneficiary schools today in Baguio, including Benguet High School, Bakakeng Elementary School, Manual A. Roxas Elementary School, Jose Rizal Elementary School and Josefa Carino Elementary School, bringing the total shoe count to 31,700.
“The MILO Marathon was the first sports event launched by MILO in the Philippines, and we have since truly grown as a local stage for athletics. This is evident in the number of runners we have engaged in the sport as well as in the caliber of talents that we attract and produce to date.  Eduardo and Cristabel are greatly recognized in the country and in Southeast Asia, and bear out the class of competition that the MILO Marathon continues to raise for both elite athletes and beginners. As we near the end of another season, we look forward to shaping a new band of champions through more quality races and our sports development efforts centered on education across all regions.” ~Andrew Neri, MILO Sports Executive~
The qualifying race will commence in Dagupan on November 10, before advancing to Tarlac (November 17) and Angeles (November 24). The 37th MILO Marathon National Finals will be on December 8 at the SM Mall of Asia grounds.

Click this link to view the complete race result.


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