Today’s Run: Sports Bra

I remember mentioning several times on my posts that I can not run without music plug-in to my ears.  It slows me down and it makes me feel tired easily when I hear my steps and breathing.  The more the upbeat the music is the more I am motivated to run.  Now I found there’s another thing that makes me not to run - Sports Bra.

You know I’m kinda gifted on the upper part (LOL/but seriously).  And I’m not just gifted but you can call me “extra gifted”.  My female friends are jealous about this “gift” but to be honest most of the time I find it very inconvenient especially during runs.  So you must know how much I thank whoever invented the sports bra.  It made my physical activities and running more easier and comfortable.  

Anyway before we go further let me just mention that this is actually not “today’s run”.  This happened during the series of my run after Typhoon Maring.  Just when I thought that the continuous heavy rain did not cause any personal inconvenience to me, well I was wrong.  One morning while dressing up for my regular run I found that my brassiere cabinet has water on it and everything inside were wet.  It seemed like the non-stop heavy rain caused leak to our bedroom’s window sill.  The rain water find its way on my undies cabinet which is positioned on the wall beside the window.  Aaw the power of water!

Not wanting to cancel my plan to run I looked from the clothes line if there’s a dry sports bra that I can wear but I can’t find one.  The sun was not showing for the whole week thus the newly-washed laundries were still damp if not wet.  I put on a regular bra and picked up anything that I can wear.  I headed out and do brisk walking for thirty minutes then head back home.   What a lousy day!


Today’s Running Wear:
Feeling lousy and lazy with one important gear lacking today, I grabbed my TEKGEAR running skirt (skort) and I topped it with an old soccer jersey.  I don’t feel like wearing a singlet without proper protection on top.

Today’s Song:
All from Chopin.

Today’s Eat:
Home made “sopas” and water.

Anyway just to give some simple reasons why one should wear a sports bra when doing physical activities:
  • It helps reduce breast pain
  • It helps to avoid annoying stares from the opposite sex (especially to someone like me who is really gifted up there).
  • It can reduce long term sagging
  • It will not look scandalous if some parts will be exposed unlike with regular bra.  Some are intentionally exposing the straps or whatever part to create a cool-looking style/fashion.
  • It makes a great collection
I have my own list of favorite brands and style but if you want to check the latest list of the best sports bra for runners - click this link!

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