Today’s Photograph: What Is Your Favorite Game Food?

What’s your favorite game food?


You can have your hot dogs, popcorn, chips or whatever. We will have our Taho as we shout Goal!!!

37th Milo Marathon: General Santos Eliminations Leg Result

MILO Marathon Queen restores title at MILO Marathon General Santos race

Former MILO Marathon Queen Flordeliza Donos reestablished her dominance over the 21K tracks Sunday at the 37th National MILO Marathon in General Santos City. Not to be outdone, veteran runner Arnold Unabia managed to post a 1-second difference against closest rival Gilbert Maluyo to win the men’s division race.

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About 7,060 students, athletes and running enthusiasts joined the country’s most prestigious foot race at the Tuna Capital of the Philippines.

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This is Donos’ fifth and Unabia’s eighth time to earn a coveted spot in the MILO Marathon National Finals, where they will compete with 23 other qualifiers from today’s race for the championship title and for a trip to the 2014 Paris Marathon courtesy of MILO at the end of the year.

Donos, who is an Air Woman at the Philippine Air Force, used the fair weather to her advantage and clocked in at an impressive 1:26:51, way ahead of Monaliza Ambasa (1:31:39) and Cellie Rose Jaro (1:32:02). The 26-year old runner has had her fair share of marathon victories in the past, having won the MILO Marathon 42K National Finals in 2010, the MILO Marathon 21K Davao race last year, and the 10K Merrell Adventure Run 2013.

Despite today’s stunning victory, Donos said she is currently training for the Philippine Air Force Battalion Race, where she is team mates with two-time MILO Marathon Queen Mary Grace de los Santos, and might not compete in the National Finals unless given permission by her superiors.
Donos also expressed that beyond training Filipino runners need support from groups and from the government to improve their chance against foreign competitors.
“I always make it a point to run a MILO race every year to show my appreciation for the support and recognition MILO gives to local athletes. I also value how winners serve as role models to aspiring runners and to children who are beginning to love the sport.” ~Flordeliza Donos~
In the men’s division race, Unabia got a second wind at the 50-meter mark and crossed the finish line at 1:14:48, a mere second before Maluyo (1:14:49) but way ahead of third placer Welmark Garcel (1:18:11). The 35-year old trainer from Tangub City took the lead at the last 150 meters of the race, but had difficulty maintaining a distance from the other seasoned runner.

Unabia is no stranger to close calls in the MILO Marathon, having had an intense rivalry with Jeffrey Sotto in previous Cagayan de Oro races, where the younger runner broke his four-peat record. He said today’s victory reaffirms his goal to show other runners from big cities that small-town athletes like him can shine in the national arena. He added that he looks forward to competing with international talents and enlisting his students in the finale race.
“My passion for running has become my profession as well. I make a living by teaching children how to appreciate sports at the Tangub City Hall.  I motivate my students to join the MILO Marathon, so they can observe different types of runners and understand the discipline better. I am very thankful to MILO for their support and for helping young athletes aspire for greatness” ~Arnold Unabia~
With the support of the Department of Education and the National MILO Marathon runners, MILO has given a total of 31,200 shoes to public school students nationwide through MILO’s Help Give Shoes advocacy. Through this ongoing commitment to develop sports in the country, MILO delivered 500 pairs of running shoes to beneficiary schools today in General Santos City, namely General Santos City National High School, Koronadal National Comprehensive High School, Baluan National High School, Buayan National High School and Ireneo I. Santiago National High School.

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“We have seen a steady increase in the number of local athletes whose goal is to compete against a diversity of runners from across the globe. Our runners continue to show that the Filipino spirit can triumph over a powerful set of foreign talents. While we support all competitors in the MILO Marathon, we recognize our very own runners as they vie for an all-Filipino finish. We will continue to work closely with local government units and other institutions to scale support and raise national athletic excellence.”~Andrew Neri, MILO Sports Executive~
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The qualifying race will resume in Baguio on November 3, before advancing to Dagupan (November 10), Tarlac (November 17) and Angeles (November 24). The 37th MILO Marathon National Finals will then be on December 8 at the SM Mall of Asia grounds.

Click this link to view the complete race result.

Today’s Run: Sports Bra

I remember mentioning several times on my posts that I can not run without music plug-in to my ears.  It slows me down and it makes me feel tired easily when I hear my steps and breathing.  The more the upbeat the music is the more I am motivated to run.  Now I found there’s another thing that makes me not to run - Sports Bra.

You know I’m kinda gifted on the upper part (LOL/but seriously).  And I’m not just gifted but you can call me “extra gifted”.  My female friends are jealous about this “gift” but to be honest most of the time I find it very inconvenient especially during runs.  So you must know how much I thank whoever invented the sports bra.  It made my physical activities and running more easier and comfortable.  

Anyway before we go further let me just mention that this is actually not “today’s run”.  This happened during the series of my run after Typhoon Maring.  Just when I thought that the continuous heavy rain did not cause any personal inconvenience to me, well I was wrong.  One morning while dressing up for my regular run I found that my brassiere cabinet has water on it and everything inside were wet.  It seemed like the non-stop heavy rain caused leak to our bedroom’s window sill.  The rain water find its way on my undies cabinet which is positioned on the wall beside the window.  Aaw the power of water!

Not wanting to cancel my plan to run I looked from the clothes line if there’s a dry sports bra that I can wear but I can’t find one.  The sun was not showing for the whole week thus the newly-washed laundries were still damp if not wet.  I put on a regular bra and picked up anything that I can wear.  I headed out and do brisk walking for thirty minutes then head back home.   What a lousy day!


Today’s Running Wear:
Feeling lousy and lazy with one important gear lacking today, I grabbed my TEKGEAR running skirt (skort) and I topped it with an old soccer jersey.  I don’t feel like wearing a singlet without proper protection on top.

Today’s Song:
All from Chopin.

Today’s Eat:
Home made “sopas” and water.

Anyway just to give some simple reasons why one should wear a sports bra when doing physical activities:
  • It helps reduce breast pain
  • It helps to avoid annoying stares from the opposite sex (especially to someone like me who is really gifted up there).
  • It can reduce long term sagging
  • It will not look scandalous if some parts will be exposed unlike with regular bra.  Some are intentionally exposing the straps or whatever part to create a cool-looking style/fashion.
  • It makes a great collection
I have my own list of favorite brands and style but if you want to check the latest list of the best sports bra for runners - click this link!

37th Milo Marathon: Davao Eliminations Leg Result

One-two finish for Jaro sisters at MILO Marathon Davao race

Sisters Cynthia and Criselyn Jaro proved that speed runs in their blood when they posted a spectacular one-two finish at the 21K women’s division run Sunday at the 37th National MILO Marathon in Davao City. Last year’s champion Anthony Nerza also proved his mettle during the race and successfully defended his local crown to clinch a repeat victory. 

Anthony Nerza and Cynthia Jaro emerge as 21K distance champions at the Davao qualifying leg of the 37th National MILO Marathon.

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Nerza and the Jaro sisters earned themselves an all-expenses paid trip to the finale in December, where 500 of the country’s best runners will compete for up to Php 300,000 in cash and for a chance to run the 2014 Paris Marathon courtesy of MILO. A total of 13,412 runners joined the twelfth qualifying leg of the prestigious nationwide race, with 29 other runners booking a slot in the finals.

In an eager attempt to take the lead, Nerza hastened his pace at the 58th minute mark and crossed the finish line at a record-setting 1:11:08, relegating Elmer Bartolo (1:14:43) and Machale Jan Echalico (1:15:44) to second and third place, and securing his third ticket to the MILO Marathon finals.

The 24-year old Brokenshire mainstay expressed elation at beating his best time despite having only a week’s worth of preparation.
 “The limited time I had to train for this race posed a big challenge for me before today, but surprisingly, it became one of my strengths. I followed a tough training program that includes 3 to 4 hours of jogging and 20 repetitions of a 400 m workout for speed and endurance. I pushed myself hard enough and managed to pull through at my fastest time to date.” ~Anthony Nerza~
In the distaff side, Jaro’s fast reflexes gave her an advantage when she propelled herself to claim the lead at the sound of the starting gun. She posted a finishing time of 1:30:43, ahead of younger sister Criselyn, who finished at 1:32:49, and Davao bet Emely Avergonzado (1:34:49).

The elder Jaro shared that three of their other sisters competed in the race, namely Dymie Rose, who placed 4th in the 5K division, and Cecel, who placed 3rd in the 10K division, and Cellie Rose who joined the 21K division.
“The race was exceptionally motivating as I was able to run with my sisters on the same track. I am proud of all of them and of what they’ve accomplished today, and I look forward to seeing Criselyn in December.  While victory is very fulfilling, there is still so much work to be done. I intend to add a 1-kilometer workout to my training to increase speed and gain more distance from my opponents.” ~Cynthia Jaro~
The 23-year old Jaro also remarked that she needs to draw up a new record at the finale and will need further training to stay conditioned.  A Brokenshire College Physical Education undergraduate like Nerza, Jaro takes pride in sharing her gift in the sport of running with a group of children. Rosenelyn Depillo, a student of Jaro, topped the 5K division ranks at an impressive 16.28.
 “I started teaching the basics to children from my town in 2011. I see great potential in them, and hope to see their talents recognized in the future. Running is a very challenging sport, and I am very proud to be a part of their achievements at a young age.” ~Cynthia Jaro~
As an ongoing commitment to inspire more Filipinos especially the youth to overcome all of life’s obstacles and engage in a wholesome sport like running, MILO provides pairs of running shoes to underprivileged students nationwide through MILO’s Help Give Shoes advocacy. With the invaluable support of MILO Marathon runners and partners, a total of 500 pairs were delivered to beneficiary schools today in Davao, bringing the total shoe count to 30,700. Kapitan Tomas Monteverde Elementary School, Davao City High School, SPED Bangkal, Sta. Ana National High School and Manuel L. Quezon Elementary School were among the advocacy’s beneficiaries.

MILO’s Help Give Shoes today reached the 30,700 mark as it continues its campaign to develop sports in the country.

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“MILO endeavors to inspire more athletes through education, and what better way to learn than from our own set of champions. We are immensely proud to be one of the running platforms that Cynthia is a part of as she imparts knowledge and skills about the discipline. The National MILO Marathon has already become a learning base for athleticism, and we value the efforts of our runners to share the principles of sportsmanship and develop the local running community.” ~ Andrew Neri, MILO Sports Executive~
13,412 marathoners pounded the Davao running course at the 37th National MILO Marathon.

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The qualifying race will commence in General Santos on October 20, before advancing to Baguio (November 3), Dagupan (November 10), Tarlac (November 17) and Angeles (November 24). The 37th MILO Marathon National Finals will be onDecember 8 at the SM Mall of Asia grounds.

Click this link to view the complete race result.

37th Milo Marathon: Butuan Eliminations Leg Result

Elite runner Judelyn Miranda reasserted her claim over the 21-K tracks Sunday at the 37th National MILO Marathon in Butuan City. This is Miranda’s fifth consecutive win in the regional leg, after placing fourth in last year’s National Finals local category race. Jobert Carolino also shifted into full gear and dominated his closest pursuers in the men’s division run. Both Miranda and Carolino earned themselves a coveted spot in the finale and the Php 10,000.00 top purse.

Seasoned tracksters Judelyn Miranda and Jobert Carolino claimed victory at the 37th National MILO Marathon Butuan qualifying leg.
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Of the 10,060 runners who joined today’s race, 13 other qualifiers will join Miranda, Carolino and earlier qualifiers in December, where they will compete for the title of MILO Marathon King and Queen and for a trip to the Paris Marathon in 2014 courtesy of MILO.

A total of 10,060 graced the Butuan tracks Sunday at the eleventh regional qualifying leg of the 37th National MILO Marathon.
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38-year old Miranda, who was at the head of the competing pack since gun start, finished at an impressive 1:30:04 to route Lalaine Patricio (1:47:02) and Gina Factura (1:59:23) to second and third place, respectively. Earlier this year, the seasoned marathoner won the 41.9 kilometer Mulatto Off Road Duathlon and 15-K event of the 2013 Hunat Dabaw Run.

Miranda, who previously copped five qualifying spots in the MILO Marathon National Finals, expressed that she will continue the strong bid for a finale title.
“I have been running MILO races since grade school and even after almost 20 years, I am still motivated by the same amount of passion for the sport. I achieved my fastest time in the 42-K distance of last year’s finals and I am scheduled to resume training to beat this personal record in the upcoming competition.” ~Judelyn Miranda~
Tagum City native Carolino led the last stretch and crossed the finish line at a swift 1:13:50 to outpace distance contenders Jerald Zaballa (1:14:08) and Glendon Candinao (1:15:29). Carolino’s victory in this year’s Butuan leg grants him a fourth ticket to a MILO Marathon National Finals.
“The pressure to take home the title eliminates the opportunity to enjoy my passion for running that is why I try not to focus on only winning in every marathon I join. I intend to carry this perspective into the final race in December while setting the pace on track.” `Jobert Carolino~
A distinguished athlete, Carolino recently bagged honors in the Columbia Eco Trail Run and ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Run 3. The Philippine team hopeful further remarked that he aims to raise his personal best by building on speed and endurance in time for the national tryouts in May.
“Today’s turnout at Butuan City truly exemplifies the growing appreciation for the sport of running. As such, we expect the next few regional legs to post the same amount intensity not only in numbers but also in performance en route to the finals.  With the outstanding display of true athleticism and willpower in preceding competitions, we can expect another action-packed culmination in December. Our team is taking preparations to the next level to deliver an exceptional event that will cap the season.”  ~Andrew Neri -MILO Sports Executive~
MILO continues to promote global race standards in terms of security and safety that contribute to the overall success of the each running event. With the invaluable support of Butuan's local government headed by Hon. Mayor Ferdinand Amante, Jr., M.D., about 190 police and military personnel were deployed to impose precautionary measures across the race vicinity and ensure the safety of the runners and spectators alike.

With the support of the Department of Education and the National MILO Marathon runners, MILO has given a total of 30,200 shoes to public school students nationwide through MILO’s Help Give Shoes advocacy. Through this ongoing commitment to develop sports in the country, MILO delivered 500 pairs of running shoes to beneficiary schools today in Butuan City, namely Maguinda National High School, Banza National High School, Hawilian National High School, Agusan National High School, and Taligaman National High School.

Beneficiaries of MILO's Help Give Shoes advocacy race to the finish line at the qualifying run of the 37th National MILO Marathon in the Timber City of the South. The Help Give Shoes advocacy has delivered 30,200 pairs of brand new rubber shoes to public school students to date.
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The MILO Marathon continues to strengthen not only the Philippine sports community but also family bonds through the sport of running across the country. 
4 (1)

The qualifying race will resume in Davao on October 13, before advancing to General Santos (October 20), Baguio (November 3), Dagupan (November 10), Tarlac (November 17) and Angeles (November 24). The 37th MILO Marathon National Finals will then be on December 8 at the SM Mall of Asia grounds.

Click this link to view the complete race result.


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