When You Can’t Run… Walk!

Obviously my new work is again affecting my two favorite passions – running and blogging.  Lately I find it hard to find time for both.  Anyway I’ve been with the same situation before and my history proved that I never gave up on any of both.  Though I announced being hiatus once in a while I still go back to running and blogging earlier than I expected.  I always take it as a challenge to apply time management so I can lead a balance life.  Come time I’m sure everything will fit in. 

Once again I am on the same situation when I found myself one early morning on a weekend walking in the  business district of Makati after a no-run/exercise week.

Me and my best walking buddy - my 7-year-old Bench red sneaker walking in the wet pavement along the Makati business district on a weekend.


It was after the city flooding brought by the twin powers of Typhoon Maring and the southwest moon soon (Habagat).  I attended a make-up work schedule due to the non-work days during the city flooding. And you know how I love Makati during weekend?  I love it so much finding it sort of deserted – it’s soooo AWESOME!

loving the deserted Gil Puyat Avenue on a weekend

The street was damp but not muddy, the temperature was cool.  It was drizzling very lightly from time to time.  I was wearing my jeans, shirt, hooded jacket and my best walking buddy – my seven year old Bench red sneaker. Hmn… the scenario is giving me a nice idea that I’m sure my rusting legs will benefit from.

You know, one advantage of being a runner is that we can easily calculate distances using kilometers ha ha.  So I calculated the distance of my location to my destination and it’s 1.5 kilometer.  And this is not being so proud but a 1.5 km walk is EASY (chicken!) if you are running a 10km distance regularly (wink*). I sounded proud but YES I AM ha ha.

So I walk the distance home.  I even passed by a doughnut house and grab a box, then passed by a grocery store and pick some necessities that we missed buying from the last grocery buying.   By the time I reached home I was sweating out good, feeling more active and light – awesome.

My point here is that, we read from everywhere how good walking is for our health on top of which is the best way to burn cholesterol.  I will not mention here all the advantages because I’m pretty sure everybody knows that.  So why not take every opportunity that comes along and walk?  Walk the short distances when you go to anywhere.  Instead of taking those jeepneys, tricycles, tri-bikes and the likes.  You saved some coins and sort of saved your life from the killer calories.

Walking is not only good for health but for the mind as well.  For me walking gives me time to relax, think about on things, listen to my favorite music and the chance to observe the surroundings. And I tell you there’s a lot of learning by simply doing these.

Tara na lakad na!


Joy said...

You are really right:)
Have a nice walking day:)

Unknown said...

10,000 steps a day, recommended for weight loss. I wonder how many steps in the 1.5km walk hehehe. Good idea to just walk short (maybe even longer) distances.

jonathan said...

And I bet if you can do walking and blogging at the same time, you will do them both.

The problem with walking is the streets where we walk. Manila streets are polluted so as the streets of Bangkok. I once went out of my village to walk and I was coughing not because I was tired but because I am allergic to dust. So I stick with my usual walking place, my own home, ha,ha,ha!

BloggerRunner said...

Thanks! When I'm seeing your photos I wish I could walk on those kind of places. It looks so peaceful...

A lot less ha ha. My idea is to sweat out at least :)

Yes Jonathan it is while running and walking when I get my blogging ideas.

Yes I agree with you. In fairness, Makati City during weekends is a lot less polluted than during work days.

Allergies aaaw!

Mae said...

Hi BloggerRunner.

I'm relatively new here in Makati and I haven't found a good place to jog during work days. Do you have any suggestions for a good place for early morning runs? Thanks!

BloggerRunner said...

Hello Mae!

The University of Makati (U-Mak) is the best I can suggest. I love running on their track. I'm just not so sure about their rules for outsider. I am able to run there when I'm tagging along with my hubby who's into soccer :) You may want to pass one time and ask them, then check out also Makati Park which is nearby U-Mak. I haven't actually been to Makati Park but you might like it :)

Thanks for passing by, feel free to visit anytime :)


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