Today’s Run: Stormy Morning By The Bay

It’s been two weeks since my last 10K race and this is the first time I went back to my regular run.  Funny that I chose this stormy morning to gear back my rusting legs. But obviously it is because of my love for running under the rain.  I’m excited to feel the wind on my face again.  Only that this morning is more windy than usual – Tropical storm Labuyo is definitely here.

Classes were suspended almost nationwide so our morning is a bit less hectic compared to when kids are rushing for school.

We drove out of the house with some drizzle but it started turning into real rain as we near our destination.  The traffic is lighter also which is very different compared to a regular Monday in the city.  We plan to have just a short run and back.  We don’t want to be caught up with rain storm.

I was surprised to be feeling lighter after a long break. I’m sure it’s going to be tough if I go back to regular runs longer than two weeks.  I already know the consequences of that and I hope and will really try that it won’t happen to me again.

I found the CCP grounds today a bit slippery also.  Probably because of the continuous raining.  The sun has not been given the chance to dry the grounds for the pat two weeks.  The park maintenance people are cutting the trees over grown branches.  They are trimming the branches within perimeters for safety I guess.

After tackling the whole grounds in a light run and had two sprints at the ramp I succeeded to produce some sweat out of the cold weather.  I think I’m done.  I did my cooling down by stretching while walking heading to the bay.  How I love the bay during storms.  I’m not sure why I am fascinated with the sharp waves kissing the shore then producing bubbles that pops out as fast as they formed.  The same with the view of the dark horizon.  I love the dancing boats anchored by the shore and the sprinkle of sea water on my face.  There’s something mysterious with such scenes that always drawn me into it.

My phone camera is unable to perfectly capture the windy morning by the bay where the waves were kissing the shore more aggressively that caused the anchored boats to dance.  I should have taken a video but the rain is limiting my capacity to do so.

The dark horizon that never fails to magnetize me.  I don’t know why I love seeing this.  Maybe I find it mysterious.

I so much want to be a part of the scene that I tried to capture the moment with me on it but this what happens when you are not equipped to take “selfie photo”.  LOL to myself but I haven’t taken selfie photos for quite some time.

Today’s Running Wear:
What I usually wear when running under the rain – my “hoodie” tops except that I didn’t pair it with my hideous shorts today but with an old green Adidas dri-fit running shorts plus my worn-out New Balance shoes.

Today’s Song:
“It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars.  It’s a bit slow song for running but I’m not into a punishing run today.  I’m just waking up my rusting veins.

Today’s Eat:
Hot cereal added with chocolate.  A sunny-side-up egg eaten with three slices of bread with cheese pimiento.

Today’s Feeling:
Cold from the wind but loving it very much so I took another chance shot for a “selfie photo”.  This time it seems like I succeeded only that I am definitely looking ugly!

This photograph is in “Sepia Tone” – thought it may hide the ugly face from this beautiful scene.


We headed back home not too wet.  The heavy rain did not push through until we're back home.

Be safe everyone!


MEcoy said...

regardless if the sun is out or not,
you really take time to run huh! that's great to know balut, but anyway doble ingat lang and wag sobrahan ang pagpapaulan ahh

ZaiZai said...

Natakam ako sa Today's Eat hehe :)

Shows how much of a runner by heart you are Balut, walang pinipiling weather sa pagtakbo :)

Senyor Iskwater said...

Hindi ba nakakasira ng shoes 'pag basa? hehe... sige takbo lang ng takbo!

Joy said...

Inspired naman ako. kahit umuulan takbo pa rin.
Dito lamig ng ulan, kaya sa gym na lang ako:)
Nice shots of yours by the way!

Unknown said...

It was only yesterday when I went back to running after the Milo Marathon. My legs were feeling tired already before I started running...must be psychological hehehe coz when I started running, the tiredness was gone and I just kept pounding the pavement. Thing is, I stopped after a 40-min run-walk-run. My right ankle was not feeling okay, so I had to give it a rest.

I'd like to run in the rain, just the slight drizzle kind of rain.

mak said...

madam, nahilo ako dun sa isa mong pic ah.. hehe

BloggerRunner said...

Thanks I will :)

Mas nakakatakam ang mga kinakain mo ang lalaki pa ng servings pero body beautiful pa rin inggit ako :P

Yung mga old shoes ko ang ginagamit ko pag umuulan. Usually pag mga good quality running shoes hindi basta-basta nasisira kahit mabasa :)

Thanks Joy. Anyway your hitting the gym di ba?

BloggerRunner said...

Oo nga psychological nga yata. Tsaka pag nasimulan ng tamad tuloy-tuloy na. Slight run lang muna tayo :)

Sarap tumakbo sa ulan kahit medyo malakas wag lang bagyo at dangerous

BloggerRunner said...


Di sanay mag selfie pic :(


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