Today’s Run: Just When I Thought Typhoon Maring is Gone

It’s been days that my foot is itching to hit the road.  For someone who loves to run under the rain the weekend rain was inviting… but not until it became a cruel typhoon named Maring!

Not only that it’s cruel but it is also one real scary typhoon!  No thunder and lightning but tons and tons of rain for two straight days flooding the Philippines almost nationwide.  All you can see are floods, floods and more floods everywhere!  Be it on television, in print, in social media and in person.  It makes you think about “Noah’s Ark”.  There was no where to go but to stay put.  There is no way to run…literally no way to run!

Thank God Almighty that the weather bureau announced today (Wednesday) that cruel Typhoon Maring is leaving PH area of responsibility but still with a threat of southwest moon soon (Habagat).   At least we woke up today without the scary rain.

We were so opportunists because when we saw this early morning that it did not rain for  an hour we geared up and headed out.  It was drizzling while we are on the way to PICCC but at least there’s no more flooded area along our way.  After some few minutes of running it suddenly rained stronger.  Oh my God! Maring is back! 

I was about to run back when the bay caught my attention.  The perimeter fences were all securely closed so no one can get near.  But even from a distance I can see the waves ramming violently against the sea walls.  The wind was fierce.  I took a video of the scene.

This video may look calm at the first few seconds but wait until the 38th second.  The wind was scary it made me run back and faster than usual. LOL!

The wind was fierce slapping hard on my face as I ran back.  More so I was running against it  that it almost knocks me off for several times. I was protecting my cap not to be blown away  and the gadgets that I brought along.

I was scolding myself as I ran back.  Then scold myself a little more when I thought about my gadgets.

I:  “Are you really nuts to think that the weather will be fine instantly?”
Me: “I know right?”
Myself: “Then why did you go out to run more so bring your gadgets?”
I, Me, Myself: “Because it’s fun ok?”
I, Me, Myself: Ok!

Well since I risked my gadgets for this run I might as well share some of the photos.

Most of the small sailboats are out of the water. They were not anchored by the shore but parked up the cemented land. 


Dampness everywhere


Today’s Running Wear:
My 2012 “Race Against Raze” singlet topped with my waterproof Reebok windbreaker, a Nike compression shorts, my worn out but reliable New Balance shoes that I usually wear when I’m running under the rain and a waterproof baseball cap.

This is not a camera pose.  I am cold and feeling like peeing soon.  The bulge around my stomach is my digicam which I’m trying to protect from getting wet by hanging it in my neck and inserted on my waterproof wind breaker.

 Today’s Song:
”I’m Walking on Sunshine”.
No kidding!  It’s a funny coincidence that after taking the video and was running back to our meeting place this song played!

Today’s Eat:
Three pieces BIG Pandesal, beef noodles and a mug of hot hot chocolate.  I had coffee before the run.

Today’s Feeling:
Cold! We arrived home soaking in wet and dripping!

A blogger friend was asking if running under the rain can ruin your shoes.  I believe so yes but I am using my old running shoes when I’m running under the rain.  And I noticed that as long as the shoes are of good quality they can stand being wet from time time.

Now what I’m worried about is that my mobile phone and digicam has a huge chance of being damaged. Aaaw!


Joy said...

Grabe talaga. Hanga sko. Kahit ulan, takbo pa rin. Nice pictures though:)

Mar Verdan said...

Rain or shine! Ayos!

Nami miss ko talaga ang ulan! Ulan!!! Dito ka na lang sa UAE!!! hahaha

Unknown said...

Sis, I'm still looking for that waterproofing spray you could spray on the shoes, something like a spray on Goretex so we don't have to worry about messing the shoes in the rain. I've been meaning to buy also a light waterproof jacket but the nice ones I saw are sooooo expensive...ipon ipon.

Hahaha I could just imagine how fast you running for your life. Next time, bring ziplock plastic for your gadgets hehehe...Stay safe!

Mark said...

basang-basa sa ulan.. hehe

Pink Line said...

ganun nga ung ulan.. kalamado tapos bigla biglang lalakas.. thank God hindi kami inaabot ng baha.. pero mukang masaya tumakbo sa ulan ;)

MEcoy said...

grabe namn balut magkakasakit ka nyan ee talagang kinakati paa mo sa pagtakbo ee nu kahit si maring di ka mapigilan

Senyor Iskwater said...

susubukan ko rin minsan yan... hindi yung tumakbo in a middle of storm but to argue with myself... hehe

BloggerRunner said...

Thanks. Sarap kasing magpapawis pag umuulan mas challenging :)

Papunta na dyan... buhangin nga lang lol. Tara uwi na kape sabay takbo sa ulanan :)

Sis I heard about that but I don't think I will be interested in using that spray. Tamad ako sa mga ganyan gusto ko suot na lang ng suot ha ha.

Naku oo ang mamahal nga ng mga branded jacketsvngayon. Most of my gears naman kasi eh mga bigay at pasalubong lang hi hi hi

Natawa din ako nung tumakbo ako pabalik eh parang galit na galit sakin yung ulan at hangin lol.

Sarap tumakbo sa ulan :)

@Pink Line
Nananakot talaga yung ulan and hangin eh... mas masaya siguro kung kasabay ko kayong tumatakbo sa ulan :)

Hindi naman MEcoy basta marunong ka lang mag-alaga sa health ok lang. Tinakot nga ako ni Maring eh ha ha ha

Sarap mag-argue sa sarili eh ha ha ha


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