Today’s Run

“Today’s Run” will be a new category on this blog.  Nothing special but just the random things that I encounter on my (ir)regular running.  This won’t be daily though but it would be anytime that I find something interesting to share with.

I thought about this because it is in running and while running that I usually weave my blog ideas.  There’s nothing more motivating than opening your imagination while the wind is kissing your cheeks, blowing away your hair, thirsting or to the extent of dehydrating from too much heat, exchanging smiles to fellow runners or to complete strangers, soaking from rain and sweating like pig ha ha.

It could be about the shoes, the socks, the singlet that I am wearing or the others are wearing..

It could be about the rain, the sun, the wind, the flowers…

It could be about the music I am listening to, the topic that the running couple that I’m running  along with are discussing about...

It could be anything under the sun that I happen to think of and experienced with while running.  One thing that I’m sure of is it’s all about life.  Anyway all the random things that is happening daily is what really goes on with real life and it is about life that we write yeah?

So come and run along with me in life.



Senyor Iskwater said...

Well, let run along with you!!!

MEcoy said...

hmm parang oks to balut ahh! parang maeexperience na din namen na experience mo thru your posts

Anonymous said...

Yeah just keep on running and blogging as well. Liked reading your blogs. Keep it up!

Mar Verdan said...

Tumakbo din ako kanina along the creek of Sharjah... nakadalawang balik lang suko na sa sobrang init...

Try ko naman sa gabi hahaha

BloggerRunner said...


Am looking forward to write a "Today's Run" post about you running along with me :) It's a lot better than you just reading along ha ha


@Super M
Wow! Good to know! Ang sarap di ba? Kwento kwento din about your takbo pag may time ha :)


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