Today’s Run: The Wind Blew A Familiar Scent And It Made Me Emotional – Ylang-ylang

Surprisingly after the rainy Monday, I woke up on a very sunny Tuesday! Haay tropical Philippines!  Your weather is as unreliable as your government (saying this with a smile).  We were racing against the sun so we hurried to PICC Complex.

As expected I ran shorter today.  The heat is a real killer at past 7AM.  My cheeks are already showing sun burn.  Also, I was not able to sprint at the CCP ramp because the security guard did not allow me that day. He said that they will be having a flag raising ceremony.  I was wondering about this.  Isn't that the flag raising ceremony for government offices and most establishments is being done every Monday?  Am I correct or my knowledge about this is outdated?

So I headed to where we usually do our cooling down process and joined hubby inside the fenced park fronting the “Bulwagan ng Panginoon” (formerly Folk Arts Theater).  I usually do my cool down stretching just outside the fence but since it was so hot that day I did my stretching under the shades. The trees at the PICC Complex are at the fullest bloom.  Their shades is such a protective comfort against the burning sun.

The wind blew very softly and I smelled a familiar scent that never fails to make me emotional.  Ylang-ylang!


The ylang-ylang flower is my late mother's favorite flower.  She loves flowers but she loves the ylang-ylang scent the most.  I remember when I was young and she was sick I always pick ylang-ylang flowers from somewhere to bring home to her.  My heart smiles every time I see her smile while looking and smelling the ylang-ylang.  But all those times that I was bringing her ylang-ylang, she was always scolding me sweetly because she knew that it’s not easy to get those flowers.

The ylang-ylang flower bears from a tree unlike the ordinary plant-bearing flowers. It also grows in the wilderness. Back in the province I found an ylang-ylang tree in a distant farm from our neighborhood planted near the river side. Every time I have the chance I go to this place, climb the tree to pick some flowers so I can bring them home to my mother. My mother always reprimands me from doing this.  She said that the place is not safe for a girl and that she does not want me climbing trees. I had a minor accident from climbing an Alatires tree which she never forgets.

This ylang-ylang tree at PICC Complex is unusually bended which makes it easy to pick flowers from its branches. 
The morning sun rays makes the scene more fitting to what I’m currently feeling.

The ylang-ylang flowers usually grows at the edges of the branches of a full grown tree.Image00014

The face of my sick mother smiling while smelling the ylang-ylang flower is still vivid in my memory.  I was thinking while on my way back home from the run - I will never get tired of picking ylang-ylang from the wilderness as long as it brings smile to my mother.

Today’s Running Wear:
My 36th (2012) Milo Marathon Singlet; My 10 year-old Adidas shorts that I seldom wear before because it’s a size bigger to me then but fits fine now (aaw); New Balance SL-1 shoes.

Today’s Song:
Adele’s Set Fire To The Rain (and other songs that is under the album “YouTube” in my running playlist

Today's Eat:
Several glasses of water and a piece of apple.  I am feeling full from drinking water. 

Today’s Feeling:

I brought home some pieces of ylang-ylang from the park and scattered them on our family portrait’s table located near the door. When somebody enters they ask “What is that sweet smell?” In silence I answered “That is the scent of my mother”.


Joy said...

I love the smell of ylang ylang too. Ka touch ang story about your mother and ylang ylang flower. Yes...memories...

Senyor Iskwater said...

I feel you Ms. B!

Na-miz ko tuloy ung cat mo... hyyy...

Your mom is watching you always...

ZaiZai said...

I love the scent of the ylang ylang too..I guess it's good that you can always have a sensual memory of you mother by the smell of the ylang ylang. Hugs Balut! :)

MEcoy said...

ayy nalungkot din nman ako sa post na to hmm i know she's happy sa heaven balut
anyway as for the ylang ylang di ko alam anu amoy nya saka ganyan pala yung itsura nya

Mar Verdan said...

Marami din sa Province namin nyan.

May bahid nang lungkot ang Post na ito... at may kwento pala sa likod ng mabangong bulaklak na ito.

Rajiv Sankarapillai said...

Wow, great !
Truly motivated !
All the best ! Happy blogging and of course running !

Please visit my blogs and scribble something, let my readers also get motivated to run and keep fit. :)

BloggerRunner said...

Mabango talaga sya Joy bagay sa nanay ko :) Salamat sa pagdaan.

Hu hu hu pinaalala mo pa yung cat ko yan lalo tayong nalungkot...

You're right thanks to this flower. Hugs you back mwaah pa :)

Sensya naman MEcoy kung medyo sad etong post. Yan alam mo na itsura ngayon, amoy na lang ang kulang :)

@Super M
Oo nga usually sa province sya marami but nasa kadawagan sya madalas wala sa bayan. Sensya medyo may bahid ng konting lungkot...

THANKS! Good to know that I can give some motivations to my readers :) Thanks for dropping by and see you at your blog :)


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