Today’s Run: Struggling But Still Racing

Today (Friday) is the last day of my personal training for the 37th MILO Marathon that is happening on Sunday July 28 at the SM Mall of Asia.  Sad to say I was not able to get back my regular pace.  I already accepted the fact that I will not be able to break or even meet my last year’s PR for the 10K category which is 1:30. Not that mine is a special record or competitive but my reason for running is to race against myself.  Considering my age and life’s circumstances I am very proud of this PR.  Anyway I'm still hopeful.  There's a certain adrenaline rush during race day that you can not get during daily runs.

As of date I still can’t make a full run for an hour or a straight run for 5K.  I have been struggling and it was actually my fault.  For the last three months I’ve been careless with my health.  I gained more than 20 lbs and did not run as regularly as I used to.  I guess that was an effect of quitting from my job.  I sort of missed of doing things leisurely including physical fitness and that’s what i have been doing for the last three months.  Now I really regret it.  I gained weight, feeling unhealthy and slow (sigh).

Thank God the Milo Marathon is here and it kind of a wake up call for me.  Nothing can motivate me to get up and run again than registering to the country’s longest and most prestigious foot race.  For the last three weeks I have been running at least 3 to 4 times a week. I'm struggling but still running.  And today being the last day for my personal training before race day I sprinted at the CCP ramp seven effin times! It was a killer but at least I feel a little lighter.

Today’s Running Wear:
My race singlet from my very first official 3K race “Run for Fun Race for Place” back in 2011. This singlet is blue and white that’s why I paired it with my blue with white stripes Adidas Half-split running shorts that I jokingly calls “skimpy” thus I seldom wear it.

For shoes – I started wearing my Nike Bowerman Structure 13 this week. This is the shoes I’m going to wear on the race day on Sunday.  It is a must that you familiarized your foot on the shoes that you are going to use for a race.

Today’s Song:
I will survive! Understandable eh? 

Today’s Eat:
Four pieces of huge toasted “pandesal”, cheddar cheese and a sunny-side up egg plus LOTS of water and lots of banana from this day forward.

Today’s Feeling:

I am determined to finish the 10K race in spite of my slow pace. Runners has this running motto “crawl if you must” injected in our veins and chipped in our brains.  I also accepted the fact that I am running slower than my regular pace but I don’t care. The important thing is to Run! and Keep on Running!

Please support Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival.  I am not getting paid for this.  It is just my voluntary will to support the Filipino talents in my own little way.


Unknown said...

Weight is also my problem right now...I gained the 5 lbs I struggled to lose and I could feel something jiggling in the midsection when I run hehehe...Our running attempt yesterday got foiled. It rained hard in the afternoon and we were waiting for the drizzle to stop but it didn't. I would have run in the rain, except that the pavement looked quite slippery in Ayala Triangle. Pavement is much better there at CCP complex. I used to run there.

Best of efforts tomorrow! Will also be running the 10K category. :-)

BloggerRunner said...

Hey girl I'm so glad you're back here! I am trying to look for your blog so I can follow you but your profile is leading me to your G+ page. Can you please leave a link here leading to your blog? Cause I am not so sure if the links you're posting in your G+ page is your blog - it bears another name.

As for the jiggling - I have them everywhere not only in the mid section ha ha ha. I love running under the rain but yeah slippery pavement is dangerous.

Good luck to both of us :)Let's Run! and Keep on Running!

MEcoy said...

haha ako feel na feel ko na ung laki ng naigain kong weight haha need ko na mag gym! haha anyway continue mo lang yan balut maintain mo na yung figure physically healthy ka pa

Mar Verdan said...

Good luck sa race bukas! Sayang, wala ako dyan, samahan sana kita tumakbo hahaha

jonathan said...

Hello there, after reading this the race must be over. I laughed when you mentioned the phrase, crawl if you must, and love it so much. I should be saying it to myself, not for running a race, but for running my life.

Mel's Hidden Passions said...

I can relate to you my dear balut... I am on the same dilemma... I was enrolled in the Milo Apex for this season but I was able to attend 4 sessions only. No exercise, no runs at all... I was also registered 10K, previous record of 1:18, But I came to a deciding moment to give up my race bib last minute... I gave up... :(.

Hopefully, i can return to fitness after my schedules are cleared...

BloggerRunner said...

Ang slim mo nga MECoy nag gain ka ba?

BloggerRunner said...

@Super M
Hayan ka na naman Super M! Pag nalaman kong nandito ka kaladkarin talaga kitang tumakbo ha ha

BloggerRunner said...

Hey good to see you here ;)

Yes I survived the race! I'll make a post about it :) Ha ha I'm glad you liked "crawl if u must. Hayan join ka na sa motto ha ha

BloggerRunner said...

Aaaw you gave up :( But I do understand you. Ang hirap talagang bumalik parang nag-start ulet no?

Good luck and and hope that you can clear your scheds para makabalik ka na ulet sa training. Iyan din lagi problema ko - schedule.


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