Today’s Run: Rainy Days and Mondays Never Get Me Down

Contrary to Karen Carpenter’s ballad these two culprit for stress and frustrations to most people never really gets me down when it comes to running.

Well given that I don’t do regular 8-5 job I want my Monday to start with a run.  And today Monday is raining!  Not a drizzle but real rain. 

This is not a scene from the movie “I Know What You Did Last Summer” (lol).  This is my running path today.  The man in the hoodie is a maintenance guy to this park.

Monday – according to health studies is the day when most people suffer from heart attact, stroke and hypertension.  It is attributed to the victim’s anticipation of all the problems and stress that the day will bring.  I always keep this information in mind so I always try to condition myself every Monday.  I try to run every Monday and if I can’t, I do some stretching and anything that can make me sweat out a bit or loosen the nerves.

Rainy Days – for most people are sulk day or lazy day.  Of course it is better to curl in bed rather than to battle the cold rain (and most of the time the flooded roads in Manila) while all dressed up.

Not for me though!  For me running under the rain is the BEST!  There’s  no freaking hot sun to burn my skin, hurt my eyes, cause me to sweat out like pig and make me thirsty after every kilometer.  Even during fun runs I prefer to run under the rain.

Some may not like it primarily because of not wanting to get wet and all.  But for me I really don’t mind if I end up looking like “basang sisiw”.  Sorry to foreign readers there’s no exact translation for “basang sisiw” but it looks something how I look in the photo below (LOL). 

I can hear Aegis Song “Basang-basa sa Ulan” being played in the background” (LOL)
Today’s Running Wear:
Hoodie Tops, my hideous shorts that I wear when I’m doing home chores (LOL), and my worn out New Balance Women’s 1000-3 shoes.

Today’s Song: Together in Electric Dreams by Philip Oakey
I feel like I’m going to suffer from electric shock listening to this song while running under the rain.. But heck the beat will really motivate you to run along with the other 80’s songs on my running playlist.

Today’s Eat: A mug of a very hot Milo R2 (I had coffee before the run) , 3 slices of white bread, a sunny-side-up egg and some squeeze of cheddar cheese :)

I ran for an hour today - longer than my regular morning runs.  Aaah! I’m ready to face whatever Monday will bring me!


MEcoy said...

namiss ko tuloy mag tampisaw sa ulanan hehe, naku sana naman di maging maulan tom.

Mar Verdan said...

Huwaw! Wet na wet! ang road haha

Na miss ko tuloy ang tag-ulan! ang init dito sa disyerto!

Senyor Iskwater said...

Wow, ang ganda mong basa Ms. B!

QKotang-kota sa'yo ang Milo ah...

BloggerRunner said...

takbo ka sa ulan masarap :)

@Super M
Uwi na at tumakbo sa ulan :)

Basang sisiw?


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