Random: Running In Bloom

Realizing that I just have barely four days more before my next 10K fun run via the Energen Family Run, I dragged my lazy a_s and put on my running gear and head out.

Running a bit late in the morning this summer season in Manila is an extra challenge.  It’s freaking hot and if your body is used to eight to ten hours stay in an office room with a high powered air conditioning, running outside under the Manila summer is an additional punishment.

In spite of the thought I still head out.  As I started to battle the early morning blaze around the PICC Complex grounds, I noticed that it’s not as a killer as I expected.  There are wider shades in my running route.  The grass are greener and thicker.  Land escaping plants beginning to show what their concept should be with their leaves and flowers started sprouting.  I looked up to check the sun and found a beautiful and comforting sight.  The tree branches are wider and longer creating more shades in my path.

Aaah what a beautiful feeling and sight!  May’s bloom!

IMG_20130521_072740Thank God I ran today!  Thank you God for this bloom!

If you're looking for an additional punishment on your regular run or preparing for an uphill challenge go deal with the CCP ramp for some rounds and you will find what you're looking for. Just don't go home with a souvenir cramp like me :(

Sunday Running Motivation: Appreciating The Miles Run By Other Runners

Running is not, as it so often seems,
only about what you did in your last race
or about how many miles you ran last week.
It is, in a much more important way,
about community, about appreciating all the miles run by other runners, too

~ Richard O'Brien ~


A blessed Sunday everyone!

37th Milo Marathon Race Schedule – Save The Date

The schedule for Philippine’s most prestigious running event is out – The 37th Milo Marathon 2013 Schedule.

race-shedules 37th Milo Marathon

Be sure to save the date and watch out for the coming updates!  Kaya natin to!


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