I’m All HEAT Up! And Seriously! The Harlem Shake?

Mrs JamesIt’s a known fact that I’m a HUGE Lebron James fan! If you are in my social media circle you have no choice but to bear with my regular postings about Lebron James and the Miami Heat.

But being a sports lover I do also post a lot about my favorite athletes and sports but it is also obvious that majority of my posts are about Lebron.  As for the reason, it needs a separate post to explain.

In spite of my chaotic schedule which causing me to miss watching live my favorite NBA Games, I make sure that I’ll catch up if not the full replay but at least the highlights of the games that I missed.

This week there are two LBJ videos that has been amusing me. Take a peek!

The Sweet 16 Heat win!

“No, one drive doesn’t prove Michael Jordan wrong or make a small sample size of possessions any more meaningful, but it does drive one point home: when you’re defending LeBron James one-on-one in 2013, you aren’t trying to push him to a less-efficient zone, you’re simply trying to survive.” SOURCE

Source: YouTube

The HARLEM SHAKE Miami Heat Edition = LOL!

This seems to be the magic for the winning streak.

Source: YouTube

Thank you Miami Heat for amusing me!  You’re a great breather at this time that I am struggling to go back into running!

Now I’m thinking of running while doing the Harlem Shake ha ha!


Gracie said...

Ang kulit nung harlem shake. Btw same kayong bro ko, Lebron James fanatic din sya :)

MEcoy said...

is it pretty weird for a guy na di maging mahilig sa basketball?
haha pero kilala ko naman yan si lebron haha sya nga lang ata kilala ko haha

kulet ng harlem shake ee!

BloggerRunner said...

Tara Gracie let's do the Harlem Shake ha ha. At hello kay bro! Let's go Heat!

Maraming guys din naman na hindi sporty or mahilig sa basketball in particular. Pero mas maraming babae na hindi katulad ng sakin ang likeness sa sports :)

At least kilala mo si Lebron LOL. Sample nga ng Harlem Shake dyan MEcoy :P


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