Sunday Running Motivation: Top 15 Reasons to Run

It’s a top calorie-burning exercise

It revs metabolism even while you aren’t doing it

Expensive equipment isn’t required

It’s awesome for your social life

Solo runs provide time for self-discovery

It lifts your mood

It boosts creativity

It provides an opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature

It increases self-esteem

It reduces stress

It fights depression and anxiety

It gives you energy

It lengthens your life span

It invigorates your sex life

It gives you goals to work toward

Costume runners traversing the C-5 ramp during “Rescue Run” two days before Christmas day (December 23, 2012)



MEcoy said...

nakakatuwa nman ang mga benefits
at pati ang cosplay naibleblend sa pag takbo ah

Archieviner VersionX said...

Daming benefits pala ng pagtakbo. Sinimulan ko na last week ang pagtakbo. Sana tuloy tuloy na next year :)


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