Happy New Year! Happy Running!

Closing the year 2012 with much peace and welcoming 2013 with a blast! 

Powered up post-run photo from my last run in 2012
My message is simple - SPREAD LOVE NOT WAR  

We walk different paths in life and sometimes along the way we stumble and fall.  Don’t give up, crawl if you must and when you can - stand up.  Start walking again.  And when you gain your steady pace try to run, and keep on running!

Happy New Year everyone!


Archieviner VersionX said...

Happy New Year MS. B. More run this 2013 :)

MEcoy said...

sarap namn basahin nun
happy 2013 balut more fu n run this year ahh

joy said...

Ganda naman ng greeting me at ng encouragement for this year.
Yes, I will continue my training and keep on running:)


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