36th MILO Marathon National Finals: Advance Results and Top Placers

I am supposed to be posting under “Sunday Sports Motivation” about my run earlier today at the 36th MILO Marathon Finals.  But like the majority of Filipinos, I excitedly watched the Pacquiao vs. Marquez fight and I was ready  to post something about it instead about my run. But… I now belong to the 94M heartbroken Filipinos.  But don’t worry Manny, you’re still our hero. 

Good thing though the very efficient people behind the 36th Milo Marathon National Finals sent out the advance results of the 36th MILO Marathon National Finals.  I am delighted to see that two Filipina runners led the 42K Open Women’s category.  Here’s sharing you the list.

Summary of 42K Open – Men and Women

42K Open

Summary of 42K Local - Men
42K Men Open

Summary of 42K Local – Women
42K Local Women

Summary of 21K Open category
21K Open Men n Women

Summary of 21K Local Category – Men
21K Local Cat Men

Summary of 21K Local Category – Women
21K Local Women
Summary of 10K – Men
10K Men

Summary of 10K – Women
10K Women
Summary of 5K – Men
5K - Men

Summary of 5K – Women
5K Women

Summary of 3K – Boys
3K Boys

Summary of 3K – Girls
3K Girls

School Delegation
School Delegation

How I wish I could run as fast as these people!

Info Source: Strategic Edge


MEcoy said...

wow two filipina made it to the top
im so proud of them

joy said...

Talented pinays:)

Mar Verdan said...

Nakaka bilib naman to... Kino compare ko sa tinatakbo ko sa tread mill, lumalabas tuloy na napakabagal ko hahaha

BloggerRunner said...

@MEcoy and Joy
ang bibilis tumakbo no?

@Super M
Lam mo Super M, pag tumakbo yan sila sa gilid mo parang walang tao, parang hangin lang ang dumaan LOL.

Pero ok lang, iba-iba naman ang klase at goal ng runners so go ka lang ng go. Then minsan try mo naman road running :)


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