Happy New Year! Happy Running!

Closing the year 2012 with much peace and welcoming 2013 with a blast! 

Powered up post-run photo from my last run in 2012
My message is simple - SPREAD LOVE NOT WAR  

We walk different paths in life and sometimes along the way we stumble and fall.  Don’t give up, crawl if you must and when you can - stand up.  Start walking again.  And when you gain your steady pace try to run, and keep on running!

Happy New Year everyone!

Sunday Running Motivation: Top 15 Reasons to Run

It’s a top calorie-burning exercise

It revs metabolism even while you aren’t doing it

Expensive equipment isn’t required

It’s awesome for your social life

Solo runs provide time for self-discovery

It lifts your mood

It boosts creativity

It provides an opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature

It increases self-esteem

It reduces stress

It fights depression and anxiety

It gives you energy

It lengthens your life span

It invigorates your sex life

It gives you goals to work toward

Costume runners traversing the C-5 ramp during “Rescue Run” two days before Christmas day (December 23, 2012)

Credits: Runiverse.com

From Our Running Feet to Yours… Happy Christmas!

From our running feet to yours, we want to greet you all!


And just some friendly reminder during the holiday,

Thou shalt not eat too much

Thou shalt not drink and smoke too much

Thou shalt not stress from senseless holiday stuff.

And if thou shalt violate these friendly reminders,

Thou shalt Run! and Keep on Running!

Happy Christmas everyone!

Sunday Running Motivation: Kick off that Party Shoes and Run!

Toxic schedule, unfinished shopping, unwrapped gifts, crazy party invites
holiday stress?
Kick off the party shoes and Run for Rescue -
Count Me In!
(for the benefit of typhoon Pablo flash flood victims)
December 23, 2012
Bonifacio Global City

36th Milo Marathon National Finals: Official Results

With Eduardo Buenavista at the forefront, about 21,388 runners marked a milestone in MILO Marathon history, as organizers report that they surpassed the initial 200,000 collective target by over 10,000 runners, shattering last year’s 200,000 headcount.

After an excellent display of athletic prowess, last year’s MILO Marathon champions James Tallam and Mary Grace de los Santos made a swift comeback and reclaimed their second consecutive title in the 42K Open category run. Tallam posted a remarkable finishing time of 2:26:34 and led fellow Kenyans Josphat Too (2:28:52) and Alex Melly (2:29:06) towards a 1-2-3 finish. In the women’s division, 25-year-old de los Santos dismissed a strong line of contenders to bag the MILO Marathon race title and lead two-time MILO

Marathon Queen Jho-an Banayag (2:55:56) and Kenyan Everline Atancha (3:03:39) towards an easy finish.
With the guidance of six-time MILO Marathon champion Roy Vence, de los Santos developed the high-level performance that won her the coveted crown. The Sibugay native shattered her personal best mark with a 2:49:29 finish, but fell short to beat Jho-An Banayag’s outstanding record in MILO history.

Mary Grace De los Santos heads for a perfect finish at the 42-K Women's Open Category of the 36th National MILO Marathon Manila Finals Sunday.

“Maintaining focus and consistently setting the pace in every turn were key to my victory today. I pulled away in the 18-km mark, and that guaranteed a solid distance from the other runners.”.
“I will come back next year not only to challenge Jho-An’s time, but to help the Filipino athletic community develop the sport further and nurture the next generation of powerful athletes.” ~ Mary Grace delos Santos~

Current men’s event record-holder and three-time MILO Marathon King Eduardo Buenavista returned for a stellar win in the 42K Local category race and posted an impressive time of 2:29:45. Completing the top 3 cast behind Buenavista were early favorites Eric Panique (2:32:08) and last year’s fifth placer Jason Agravante (2:34:58).

“The Kenyan line-up presented a massive challenge to all the local bets in today’s race, but the amount of agility and endurance that resulted from a year’s worth of preparation forced me towards the finish line,”
“I may have been unable to break Tallam’s control on the road, but I believe that the Filipino spirit exhibited during the race did not fail to inspire young runners to build their potential and set a great future for sports in the country.” ~ Eduardo Buenavista ~

Maintaining a swift stride in the women’s division 42K Local category race was 23-year-old trackster Mary Joy Tabal who posted an impressive 3:05:12. She adds this victory to several others in her career, including her victory in the 2011 Adidas King of the Road Southeast Asia meet and her record-breaking feat in the Singapore Sundown Marathon. Behind Tabal, four-time MILO Marathon Queen Christabel Martes (3:10:46) and Jennilyn Nobleza (3:22:03) settled for second and third place, respectively.
Tallam and de los Santos each received P 300,000 from the 42K Open category run, while Buenavista and Tabal took home P 150,000 from the 42K Local category run.

Kenyans led Filipino runners in the 21K Open category races and took home the P 15,000 top purse. David Kipsang took the lead in the men’s division race at 1:12:23, while Jackline Nzivo conquered the distaff division at 1:26:48. Trailing behind Kipsang and Nzivo were Rafael Poliquit (1:12:58) and Denis Isika (1:13:43) for the men’s category race, and Manila eliminations 21K winner Nhea Ann Barcena (1:30:55) and Janet Lumidao (1:33:28) for the women’s category race.

Dominating the men’s 21K Local category run was Immuel Camino (1:15:25), who posted an early lead against Roldan Verano (1:18:15) and Eligiran Nelson (1:18:45). In the women’s 21K Local category run, Jocelyn Elijeran finished swiftly at 1:43:03, followed by Marychiel Morales (1:43:54) and Librada Tamson (1:45:02). Camino and Elijeran each received P 8,000 for their efforts in the 21K Local category run.
In the special awards category, Fort Bonifacio High School copped the ‘Biggest Delegation’ award with a total of 1,575 runners, while Karuhatan National High School nabbed the ‘Fastest Delegation’ award with an aggregate time of 23:27.93.

Through its advocacy program called ‘Help Give Shoes’, which is now on its third year of staging, MILO donated a total of 1,000 shoes to public schools in Metro Manila as an ongoing commitment to develop the Filipino sports community. Students of CAA Main High School, Kapitbahayan Elementary School, Tipas National High School, Makati Science High School, Hulo Elementary School, Fort Bonifacio Elementary School, A. Villegas High School, Ramon Magsaysay High School, San Diego Elementary School and Pitogo High School were among the campaign’s most recent beneficiaries. Since the campaign’s conception, MILO has donated 24,200 shoes nationwide.

“We have seen a year of great talent, stirring victories, and humbling defeat in the National MILO Marathon. MILO has motivated Filipino athletes to run towards a brighter era of sports, and it will continue to provide opportunities for the youth,”

“We are working to launch the next phase of developing Philippine sports, and we are looking to do that with the support of our marathon runners and partners who share the same vision as ours.” ~Andrew Neri, MILO Sports Executive ~

A woman enjoys the 10-K track as the weather shifts at the 36th National MILO Marathon Manila Finals.


10-K category marathoners run for fitness and fun at the 36th National MILO Marathon Sunday in Pasay City.

Official race results here.

36th MILO Marathon National Finals: Advance Results and Top Placers

I am supposed to be posting under “Sunday Sports Motivation” about my run earlier today at the 36th MILO Marathon Finals.  But like the majority of Filipinos, I excitedly watched the Pacquiao vs. Marquez fight and I was ready  to post something about it instead about my run. But… I now belong to the 94M heartbroken Filipinos.  But don’t worry Manny, you’re still our hero. 

Good thing though the very efficient people behind the 36th Milo Marathon National Finals sent out the advance results of the 36th MILO Marathon National Finals.  I am delighted to see that two Filipina runners led the 42K Open Women’s category.  Here’s sharing you the list.

Summary of 42K Open – Men and Women

42K Open

Summary of 42K Local - Men
42K Men Open

Summary of 42K Local – Women
42K Local Women

Summary of 21K Open category
21K Open Men n Women

Summary of 21K Local Category – Men
21K Local Cat Men

Summary of 21K Local Category – Women
21K Local Women
Summary of 10K – Men
10K Men

Summary of 10K – Women
10K Women
Summary of 5K – Men
5K - Men

Summary of 5K – Women
5K Women

Summary of 3K – Boys
3K Boys

Summary of 3K – Girls
3K Girls

School Delegation
School Delegation

How I wish I could run as fast as these people!

Info Source: Strategic Edge

36th Milo Marathon National Finals: MILO Marathon Kings and Queens return to reclaim their throne

A sea of green will sweep the streets of Manila once again, as over 19,909 runners are expected to join the 36th MILO Marathon National Finals on December 9. Organizers report that they reached the 200,000 target headcount set at the start of the season, providing a thrilling conclusion to a successful nationwide marathon event.


Rivalries will run deep among the country’s top qualifiers as they race against competitive foreign talent in the men’s and women’s division races. Last year, MILO Marathon Queen Mary Grace de los Santos crashed foreign competition and led a cast of Filipina runners towards a 1-2-3 finish, while MILO Marathon King James Tallam led Kenyan and Ethiopian runners to a massive 1-2-3-4 finish in the men’s division race, sparking a heated rivalry among local veterans.

This year, former MILO Marathon Kings and Queens return to reassert their dominance on their home soil. MILO Marathon Kings Julius Sermona (1:13:02, Angeles), Cresenciano Sabal (1:13:55, Cagayan de Oro) and Eduardo Buenavista (1:13:29, Tarlac) are among strong contenders in the 42K men’s division race.

According to three-time champion Sabal, winning the National Finals will go beyond the coveted crown and offer a sense of nationalistic pride. “Local runners are not the only ones running for the title. Foreign runners who have already made their mark in Philippine races will make a tremendous effort to win. This poses a big challenge for the Filipino athletic community. The National Finals will be a venue through which we can extend the Filipino reign in our own soil,” he said.

The 42K women’s division race will also see a thrilling battle as former MILO Marathon Queens Cristabel Martes (1:34:46, Baguio), Jho-An Banayag (3:02:20, Manila 42K) and Flordilisa Donos (1:26:52, Davao) pursue their fifth, third and second MILO Marathon crown, respectively.

Among formidable foreign forces in the men’s category run are Albert Omboga (2:46:04, Manila 42K), Willy Rotich (2:51:36, Manila 42K) and Jackson Chirchir (2:45:09, Manila 42K). Last year’s fifth placer and fastest Filipino runner Jeson Agravante (2:39:59, Manila 42K) and Eric Panique (Bacolod) are also determined to make a comeback at this year’s finale.

To accommodate the growing support of foreign runners, the MILO Marathon National Finals will have two race categories for the 42K and 21K runners. Overseas and local participants can compete and win in the Open category run, and the awards will be given to the top 3 finishers. Only the top 10 Filipino runners will be recognized and awarded in the Local category run. Male and female division champions will each receive P 300,000 from the Open category run, and P 150,000 from the Local category run.

Bonus prizes will also be given to local runners, with P 50,000 for the first runner who breaks the 2:15:00 invisible time barrier, P 20,000 for the first male runner who breaks the 2:18:53 course record set by Eduardo Buenavista, and P 20,000 for the first female runner who breaks the 2:48:16 record set by Jho-An Banayag.

“The roster of qualifiers for the National Finals presents a truly engaging and action-packed race on Sunday. MILO will continue to discover true champions across the nation and inspire Filipinos to imbibe the values of remarkable athletes. We are moving towards a new era of Philippine sports, and we are en route to realizing our vision of developing promising athletes through the MILO Marathon.” ` Andrew Neri, MILO Sports Executive
The 36th MILO Marathon National Finals is slated on December 9 at the SM Mall of Asia Grounds in Pasay City. The 36th MILO Marathon is made possible by Timex, the Bayview Park Hotel Manila, SM Mall of Asia and Reebok, along with partnerships with the Department of Education and the Philippine Olympic Committee. The race is organized by RunRio, Inc.

About the National MILO Marathon
The National MILO Marathon is an annual marathon event open to amateur and professional runners. From its humble beginnings in 1974 as a single marathon race in Metro Manila attended by 747 participants, the National MILO Marathon has grown to be the biggest, longest, grandest national running event in the country attracting more than hundreds of thousands of runners across the country.


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