Post Race Piece: PUP Alumni Fun Run 2012

Panis! (Stale!)

That’s how we feel after waiting for 1.5 hours for a gun start. This is also the same reason why the posting of this post race piece is quite late compared to my other post race piece entries.  I don’t want to be sounding so negative with any post race piece because I do understand that organizing a running event is not an easy task.  But to wait for a gun start for 1.5 hours for me is…. haist!

We are luckier though because the distance that we joined was 10K which is also the longest distance on this event so we were the first batch to go.  Runners on 5K and 3K waited longer than us = almost two hours.  The sad thing is that, there were foreign runners - Kenyans.  I bet they were as impatient as we were and I think they would prefer running that whole 1.5 hours rather than waiting there for the race to start. They could have run 30 kilometers for that time spent waiting.  Me and my friends, we’re  already out of the mood to run when the race finally start.

The call time says 4:00 AM but there was no printed information on the gun start.  But still we came on time.  One of my team mates came from Adobo Run the previous night but she still came on time.  That’s how disciplined we are when it comes to running.  Upon arrival we noticed that there’s no timer at the START/FINISH Line.  So we expect that a delay would be possible.  Then we saw a signage that the gun start will be at 4:30 = ok.  But jeez! After waiting for more than an hour, we were expecting for the announcement that the event is cancelled rather than the gun start (I’m trying to humor here).


Race organizers should always consider that runners have certain preparations before racing.  Sleep, eating/liquid intake, toilet and travel time are being considered.  Runners adjust their habits in doing these things according to the distance that they will be running and the time of their gun start.  The more annoying thing while we were waiting for the gun start was that, no one is announcing when the run would really start.  So we don’t know if it’s still ok to have a quick toilet trip or whatever.

There are more minor lapses on this event but it’s ok and we don’t mind them very much.
  • 100_1424We don’t mind if the timer is not included in the budget.  We understand that the proceeds will be donated for a cause and we salute you for that.
  • We don’t mind if we got lost because the signage are sometimes confusing.

  • We don’t mind if you set-up the water station wherever you wish .
  • We don’t mind if the post race drinks were distributed to the 3K runners and there was nothing left for the longer distance runners when they finished.
  • We don’t mind if it was announced that medals will be awarded to the first 100 finishers so we waited and yet we did not hear anymore about it until we left the venue.
We don’t mind all the other lapses but we do mind the very late gun start.  We are aware that this is a “fun run” but it’s still a run. Organizers should remember that running is a sports and DISCIPLINE is a must  in sports

We appreciate the nice singlet design, the other freebies including the free registration with Resorts World Manila, the Free Body Fat Monitor, the free Sustagen Premium for runners who are above 25 years old and all the other freebies and the post race entertainment. 

We attended this event through the sponsorship of our running mate Mac who is a PUP Alumni. THANKS Mac!  I love you my friend but the next time you invite me here... hmn I've got one year to think about it right?

... or else let me handle the gun so I can fire it when it's about time! (again, trying to humor here).


joanne said...

Naku, impatient pa naman akong maghintay, hehe! Sayang ang 1.5 hrs.. Haha, kala mo naman tumatakbo ako :p

Archieviner VersionX said...

Matagal din ang 1.5hrs ah. Baka nagjogiing nalang ako mag-isa nyun. hehe. Taga PUP ako. lol

joy said...

Wow! Ang patient nyo. Kung sko umuwi na. I hate waiting pa naman coz i am always on time. Philippiines culture?

Gracie said...

Baguhan ba yung organizers? Daming kulang e. Tsaka one day lang ba pinag isipan tong event na ganito, HAIST nga talaga to kawendang!

MEcoy said...

i remembered your blog early this morning when i saw on tv a race on hills at marikina hahaha there were even some males who participated on the race i wonder how that hurts

BloggerRunner said...

Even a person full with patience will run out of patience if you made her wait for 1.5 hours :( We went there to run not to wait

No offense to PUP as an educational institution. I just hope that the people behind this event will learn something from here.

We are in the internet age where every second counts, for whoever's sake there shouldn't be a "Filipino Time" - I really hate this term :(

I don't think so. The promotion period is quite ample so dapat the preparation should match that. And as I've said, we don't mind minor lapses but to make us wait for 1.5 hours is beyond understanding. We joined this event to support their cause and we ended up what?

I saw it MEcoy it was sooo funny. Buti pa sila nag-enjoy lol.


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