Post Race Piece: New Balance Power Run 2012

This is by far one of the most organized running event that I attended. And how it couldn’t be if the main man himself is very much hands on during the race.

Coach Rio dela Cruz of Runrio manning the START line just before the gun start of the the 25K runners.  He was on a bike riding back and forth, radioing his people if the running route is clear and if everything is ok. He was also personally calling the runners and hurrying them to be at the assembly line.  What more motivation could you ask for?


The event has three distance categories which are 5K, 10K and 25K.  I’ve running buddies running for each categories as well as celebrities who seriously joined the run. 

Among the 25K runners is my hubby and gracing the START line is TV personality Kim Atienza.

Among the 10K runners is my running buddy Dada and gracing the START line is beauty queen Miriam Quiambao and her friends.

Among the 5K runners are my running buddies Mac and Jen and gracing the START line are celebrities Anne Curtis, Karylle and Bianca King.

There were other more celebrities who joined but I’m not too familiar with them.  I did not join the race along with my buddies because I’m not yet gaining back my normal pace.  I’m still trying to run as much as I can in spite of my tough schedule.  But I’m not ready to join race again just yet.

Gun is fired according to schedule and of course there’s proper warm-up before each gun start.  The running route  is so secured that you can’t see spectators roaming around the runners track.  Even the runners themselves can not cross/jump the security fence.  The marshals were very much at their guards and maintained the ordinance of the event from start to finish in spite of the presence of celebrities.


Most runners who joined the 25K category are familiar faces from the 21K race tracks.  An excellently designed medal is awarded to the 25K finishers.  As expected with RunRio events, hydration is ample.  Runners also appreciated the Dole brand bananas.

Post race program is provided including some raffles.  The loot bag contents are not much – 2 pcs of Bath Soap and a 2g tube of an antifungal cream (don’t ask me what’s with the combination – I have no idea! lol).  As for the race kit, it comes with a great looking running shirt and a PhP1,000 + PhP250.00 vouchers from the main sponsor New Balance. 
my running buddies

But who cares about the race kit and loot bags if you enjoyed your run right?  Kudos RunRio and to all the people behind this event.  Till next run!

Some photos during the event here

Race results here.

Sunday Sports Motivation: Yes This is Philippine Football!

Five days shalt thou labor, as the Bible says

The seventh day is the Lord Thy God’s,

The sixth day is for football.

~Anthony Burgess~


Photo taken during one of the semifinal games at United Football League Philippines (UFL Cup) held at the Rizal Memorial Football Stadium during the match between Green Archers United and Stallion.  Stallion won this game and advanced to the championship games (more stories coming soon).

The stadium is filled with wild happy crowd -  football fanatics!

Post Race Piece: PUP Alumni Fun Run 2012

Panis! (Stale!)

That’s how we feel after waiting for 1.5 hours for a gun start. This is also the same reason why the posting of this post race piece is quite late compared to my other post race piece entries.  I don’t want to be sounding so negative with any post race piece because I do understand that organizing a running event is not an easy task.  But to wait for a gun start for 1.5 hours for me is…. haist!

We are luckier though because the distance that we joined was 10K which is also the longest distance on this event so we were the first batch to go.  Runners on 5K and 3K waited longer than us = almost two hours.  The sad thing is that, there were foreign runners - Kenyans.  I bet they were as impatient as we were and I think they would prefer running that whole 1.5 hours rather than waiting there for the race to start. They could have run 30 kilometers for that time spent waiting.  Me and my friends, we’re  already out of the mood to run when the race finally start.

The call time says 4:00 AM but there was no printed information on the gun start.  But still we came on time.  One of my team mates came from Adobo Run the previous night but she still came on time.  That’s how disciplined we are when it comes to running.  Upon arrival we noticed that there’s no timer at the START/FINISH Line.  So we expect that a delay would be possible.  Then we saw a signage that the gun start will be at 4:30 = ok.  But jeez! After waiting for more than an hour, we were expecting for the announcement that the event is cancelled rather than the gun start (I’m trying to humor here).


Race organizers should always consider that runners have certain preparations before racing.  Sleep, eating/liquid intake, toilet and travel time are being considered.  Runners adjust their habits in doing these things according to the distance that they will be running and the time of their gun start.  The more annoying thing while we were waiting for the gun start was that, no one is announcing when the run would really start.  So we don’t know if it’s still ok to have a quick toilet trip or whatever.

There are more minor lapses on this event but it’s ok and we don’t mind them very much.
  • 100_1424We don’t mind if the timer is not included in the budget.  We understand that the proceeds will be donated for a cause and we salute you for that.
  • We don’t mind if we got lost because the signage are sometimes confusing.

  • We don’t mind if you set-up the water station wherever you wish .
  • We don’t mind if the post race drinks were distributed to the 3K runners and there was nothing left for the longer distance runners when they finished.
  • We don’t mind if it was announced that medals will be awarded to the first 100 finishers so we waited and yet we did not hear anymore about it until we left the venue.
We don’t mind all the other lapses but we do mind the very late gun start.  We are aware that this is a “fun run” but it’s still a run. Organizers should remember that running is a sports and DISCIPLINE is a must  in sports

We appreciate the nice singlet design, the other freebies including the free registration with Resorts World Manila, the Free Body Fat Monitor, the free Sustagen Premium for runners who are above 25 years old and all the other freebies and the post race entertainment. 

We attended this event through the sponsorship of our running mate Mac who is a PUP Alumni. THANKS Mac!  I love you my friend but the next time you invite me here... hmn I've got one year to think about it right?

... or else let me handle the gun so I can fire it when it's about time! (again, trying to humor here).

Sunday Running Motivation: Anne Curtis Running (If she can why can’t you?)

We run, not because we think it is doing us good,

but because we enjoy it and cannot help ourselves…

The more restricted our society and work become,

the more necessary it will be to find some outlet for this craving for freedom.

No one can say “You must not run faster than this, or jump higher than that.”

The human spirit is indomitable.

~Sir Roger Bannister~

Actress Anne Curtis with Bianca King and Karylle (in pink tops partly hidden in this photo)  sprinting after the 5K gun start at dawn time of November 11, 2012


On her way back heading to the finish line.  She has good stride and you can see in her face that unique runner's look of determination.  And she looks extra cute with that delightful smile upon seeing the finish line.


Here’s some closer photo taken from Running Photographer’s page (credits).
They were taken before the gun start.

Running Photog 2_n
Running Photog
Celebrity runners sparkle during the New Balance Power Run 2012.  Gracing the 5K START line are Anne Curtis, Bianca King and Karylle.  Also spotted on this run are super fit-looking Kim Atienza who ran in the 25K category and awesome fit and sexy Miriam Quiambao who ran in the 10K category.  There are other more personalities but the five names I've mentioned are the ones that I saw personally.  (Sorry naman hindi ako masyadong familiar sa mga showbiz personalities lol)  

If these celebrities can take some time out of their super busy schedule, why can’t you? 

Nike We Run MNL 10K 2012

Nike’s We Run race returns to Manila for a second year, to inspire, motivate and connect runners around the world on December 2, 2012. The Nike We Run race series this year will be across 34 cities with an expected participation of 395,500 runners globally. In Southeast Asia, runners in Malaysia and Singapore have conquered their cities on 14 October and 22 October respectively. The We Run torch will be passed to the Philippines from Guadalajara, before making its next stop in Buenos Aires.

Participants of this year’s We Run MNL 10K can also look forward to receiving a We Run race tee. Adapting the global We Run design, and customized for the Philippines, runners are identified globally with the black Nike Dri-Fit race tee with a distinct volt green piping on the collar and a striking graphic in volt green. Runners who complete the run will also receive a finisher’s tee to proudly wear their achievement.

Registration for Nike’s We Run race is now open through and also on-ground at selected retail stores. Registration details are as follows:

UNDER 25 YO (24 years old & below as of race day) PhP   800
25 YO & ABOVE (25 years old & above as of race day)       1,200
BUDDY 1+1 UNDER 25 (24 years old & below as of race day)       1,400

In-store registration has been extended until November 15, while online registration is until November 25.

  1. Women’s Under 25 – For women aged 24 years and below on the race day
  2. Men’s Under 25 – For men aged 24 years and below on the race day
  3. Women’s Open – Open to women of all ages
  4. Men’s Open – Open to men of all ages
On-ground registrations will also be held at the following Nike stores:
  • Swoosh Park Fort
  • Swoosh Park Trinoma
  • Swoosh Park MOA
  • Swoosh Stadium ATC
  • Swoosh Park Ermita
  • Swoosh Park Galleria
  • Swoosh Forum Robinsons Magnolia
  • Swoosh Park Glorietta 4
  • Riovana Katipunan
  • Swoosh Stadium Rockwell

Nike’s We Run Manila 10K race will energize the streets of Pasay City with the 13,000 high-octane runners expected to make tracks all over the SM Mall of Asia’s grounds. Set against the remarkable view of Manila Bay, the initial stretch of the race will let runners pass through the commercialized area of the Mall of Asia with the SMX Convention Center and the latest icon of the area, the eye-shaped SM Bay City Arena. Runners are set to leave urban commercial scenery and head towards the fields along Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard. Closing in on the halfway point of the race, runners will then pass the upcoming Belle Casino, a gold complex glistening in the morning sun. As they take a turn on Pacific Avenue and race past the same landmarks, runners will come upon the iconic Ferris Wheel along Seaside Boulevard that marks the final kilometer to the finish line. The panoramic run would not be complete without an engaging en route entertainment featuring some of Manila’s top musical acts. Runners can expect to relax and recharge from their run with the array of services such as massage booths at the race village.

“Nike’s We Run race is the celebration of running across the world, the culmination of every runner’s dedication and commitment to train harder, defy expectations and push their bodies’ limits. Nike aims to revolutionize the running experience, by allowing runners to inspire, motivate and connect with other runners globally through the Nike+ Technology”, shared Sanjay Gangopadhyay, Marketing Director of Nike South East Asia. “With the second edition of the We Run race in Manila, Nike envisions Filipinos, the youth in particular, to further move the local running scene forward by leading the active lifestyle movement.”

This year, Nike is taking inspiration to a new level as runners will be able to follow one of Philippines most popular lifestyle bloggers, Lissa Kahayon of, who will be embarking on her first We Run race. Follow her We Run journey as she takes on the challenge of preparing for Nike’s We Run MNL 10K race, blogging at each step of the journey, and witness how Nike elevates her everyday running experience with the various product offerings including the Nike+ ecosystem.

To get race-ready, Nike will organize training sessions focusing on proper running techniques and tips. Runners will also be able to test out the Nike+ Running app (available on iOS and Android), and try out the season’s latest running products.

For more information, visit:

Source: RunRio

Sunday Running Motivation: Run 316 – Time to Level Up!

Believe that you can run farther or faster.

Believe that you’re young enough,

old enough, strong enough, and so on

to accomplish everything you want to do.

Don’t let worn beliefs stop you from moving beyond yourself.

By: John Bingham


Breaking his half marathon’s PR via the 36th Milo Marathon Manila Eliminations last July 2012, hubby goes LEVEL UP!
25K its is!
New Balance Power Run 2012
November 11, 2012
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig Philippines


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