My Nike Women’s Structure 13 Bowerman Series

The Nike (Women’s) Structure 13 Bowerman series is one among my most favorite running gear.  Here’s sharing my Top Five Reasons:
Fave Shoes Nike Women's Bowerman Series Structure 13
  1. It comes ready for the Nike + iPod Sport Kit.
    Install the kit and voila! It’s like running with your personal coach/trainer
  2. The design simply looks cool right?
    Orange color goes perfect with the white mesh.  Orange is a loud color but for running shoes, the louder the shoe color is, the better. A colorful pair of running shoes is a good tool in finding your photos from mass photo uploads which is very common in PH running events.
  3. It got everything that I’m looking for in a running shoes.  It’s lightweight, with good heel support that can tolerate heavy impact and provides a good take off. 
  4. It’s from the Bowerman series!  Who wouldn’t want a shoe designed by the great track and field coach, Nike co-founder and designer Bill Bowerman?  Do I need to say more?
  5. And yeah it’s Nike!  Tested and proven durability is the main reason why I like Nike. 
My own Structure 13 Bowerman Series:

100_5281We bought this from a shoe warehouse store in Market Market Mall in Bonifacio Global City, Tagig, Philippines.  "We" because hubby paid for it.  It was on sale at 50% off from the original price of PhP6,000.00 (US$ 142.00).  We got it at PhP 3,000.00 ($71.00) only.  I was wondering why it was on sale so I checked for damages but there was none.  In fact it is displayed among the good stocks.  We were informed that this is the only pair left from its batch stock that sold so fast.  They marked it on sale because it is already considered a broken size – a kids shoe size while it is an adult running shoes.  So yeah we got lucky with my SMALL shoe size, Size 6!
“A shoe must be three things: It must be light, comfortable, and it’s got to go the distance.”  - Bill Bowerman


joanne said...

Hello hello madam! Ay, wala akong running shoes, kaya hindi ako maka-run e, charot! Nagdahilan pa, hehe.. Ang cool naman ng orange, pasabog much! May bet din ako bilihin sa Nike na shoes e, pink&grey naman, ang mahal lang, kuripot mode ako!

joy said...

I have been missing your posts:) Anyway, bagay kaya kay grandma yan? Coz think the shoes is very nice. Bili siguro ko paguwi ko dyan one day. hi hi. Then after buying, grandma have to run too!
Thanks for you lovely comments in my last post. Looking forward for more from you too!

Gracie said...

The color is too bright for me but if it's blue, gray or black I'll grab it, thank you sponsors LOL. Ey, more running and more winning moments for you MamaLut!

MEcoy said...

dati akala ko basta basta rubber shoe lang pede ng pang runner peo di pala haha ganda nung quote by the way

Unknown said...

new shoes, para mas ganado tumakbo. hehehe

BloggerRunner said...

kuripot ka jan lagi ka namang vacation :P

of course bagay, you're one hot grandma!

feel ko lang bagay sayo ang colorful kaya "hello sponsor for Gracie talaga!" lolz

kung casual running pa lang naman ok lang kahit ano shoes, mas ok nga pag barefoot he he..
btw, the quote is from the shoe designer himself :)

last year ko pa yan buy, now ko lang share hi hi hi


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