Sunday Running Motivation: Running is a Test, Not a Game

Games require skill.

Running requires endurance, character, pride,

physical strength, and mental toughness.

Running is a test, not a game.

 A test of faith, belief, will, and trust in one's self.

So hardcore that it needs a category all to itself to define the pain.

When game players criticize,

it's because they aren't willing to understand,

not because they're stronger.

Running is more than a sport; it's a lifestyle.

If you have to ask us why we run,

you'll never understand,

so just accept.
By: Jessica Propst

pop in 36th Milo Marathon

Hubby running in the 21K category during the 36th Milo Marathon Manila Eliminations finishing at 2:15 under the heavy rain.

Hubby is not a competitive nor a professional runner.  He started running just a year ago and adopted it to keep him physically fit.  He’s a football (soccer) player who graduated as a varsity scholar and also a former member of the Philippine National Team.


joy said...

Nice said balut. I am admirer of all of who run. Good luck to more running!

joanne said...

2:15 for 21K? naku, ako siguro, abutin ng 1 buong araw dun, haha..

Lady Fishbone said...

hanga po ako sa pagkakasabi.. galing, i salute runners!
running din po can be applied in different aspects of life :D

Pink Line said...

"If you have to ask us why we run, you'll never understand, so just accept" -love this and i love running..

galing ni hubby..ako 3k lng inaabot 30 minutes haha chos! mga 20 minutes naman nag-improve na :)

MEcoy said...

the last time i run my leg hurts really bad maybe i did something wrong by the way i dont ran for any race or what ever i ran bcoz i dont wanna be wet

Unknown said...


Sana ako din makakatakbo ng 21k. :D

roffe said...

I run 30k when I was in the army..Thats my longest run and yes running is a lifestyle.

BloggerRunner said...

@Joy - Thanks for the wishes :)

@Joanne - don't forget our agreement, u will soon run ;)

@Jessica - THANKS! yeah you're absolutely right. I can attest to that. Running effects bring you to a lot of positive things in life.

@Pink Line - ha ha just keep on running and it will eventually improved. I'm a slow runner as well but I take it seriously. so whatever the outcome is I'm satisfied.

@MEcoy - yep right. maybe you did something wrong. And u don't wanna be wet huh! lol

@Marco - soon I hope! let's do it in 2013 deal? :)))

@Roffe - 30K wow! that's something. Yeah I see that u are continuously running. Good for you my friend!


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