Happy 1st to this blog and It’s Now a Domain!

Happy 1st to my guinea pig! and CONGRATULATIONS! This is now a domain! Double celebration yey! 


This blog’s anniversary is actually on end July or July 29 to be exact.  It coincides with the annual Milo Marathon but I need to prioritize my posts about the 36th Milo Marathon Manila Eliminations.    This is also the same reason why the Milo Marathon event has a special spot on this blog.  I often share in my blogging story that I’ve been running for some time and this blog has been created but I never posted any entry in spite that I have previous blogging experience.  The Milo Marathon is the running event that motivated me to write my very first blog entry here.

I intentionally made the anniversary announcement on a latter date to give it an impact and at the same time convert it to its own domain.

Looking back on what happened for the last one year of “Run! and Keep on Running” and what this blog has done for me,
  • Well of course it gave me a lot of kilometers of running (ha ha ha).
  • This has been my experimental blog and I’m guilty of neglecting this from time to time (but not the running) especially when I’m working on a new project, but it SURVIVED!
  • The best and the one I will treasure the most – it motivated and continually motivating me to run and stay fit.
  • It uplifted my spirit and keep me companion during the tough times of broken spirit (in terms of career not love).
  • I met a lot of new friends both bloggers and runners and I appreciate them all.
  • It exposed me to a lot of opportunities personally and professionally.
  • It enables me to support several cause oriented projects  and this for me is one of this blog’s greatest achievements.
And what to expect after this milestone?
  • Of course the conversion to it’s own domain.  It is now “www.bloggerrunner.com”.
  • A much deserved total make-over!
    Don’t be surprised if you find this blog under construction in the coming days because several changes and improvements will be done.
  • Other fitness topics will be included to spice up the running niche and to cater to a wider audience.
  • I will also try to feature the latest in running and fitness products.
  • And hopefully more advertisements and sponsorships.  But don’t worry, I’ll make sure that it will still be pleasing to your eyes so as not to stop you people from visiting and reading my post.
With this I want to THANK YOU all for the support you gave to this blog.  THANK you for reading, following, commenting, linking and whatever great things you did to keep this blog afloat.  You are all so awesome!  I hope that you will continue supporting us and that you will all be still around to celebrate with us on our coming anniversaries.

Let’s Run! and Keep on Running…


Olivr said...

is the owning-domain-thing expensive? sorry, i only know a little abt that.

joy said...

Congratulation :)

joanne said...

congratulations madam! :)

Unknown said...

Yahoo! Congrats to you!

BloggerRunner said...

@ Olvr,
I replied in your site. I hope that I am able to answer your inquiry. Thanks for dropping by :)

Thanks very much! You have always been supportive on my sites. God bless..

SALAMAT kapatid sa walang humpay na suporta :) Hintayin kitang tumakbo

Yahoo thank you! Keep on running bro!

Gracie said...

Happy 1st anniv and congrats! Level up :)

MEcoy said...

nice nice keep it up congrats

Elilea said...

I want my own domain too! >_< HAHA!

BloggerRunner said...

THANKS for the unfailing support!

THANK YOU Mecoy! Nice that you're always around. Congrats on your PR2 blog :)

Let me know if u need help in getting a domain I might be able to help. Thanks for passing by :)

McRICH said...

Sana makatakbo na rin ako muli! Congrats & happy 1st blogoversary!

Mac said...

talaga isang taon na? blow out blow out!

Michael said...

Congrats on your new domain Ms. Balut and happy first anniversary!

Good-luck on the renovation and make over. See ya!

BloggerRunner said...

Kamusta? Glad to see you here :) Salamat kapatid. Taraletz takbo na :)

Asus at hindi namalayan. Ano bo-blow out mo ko? sige he he. Ganda ng pic mo sarap patakbuhin nyang si Porky ha ha

THANK YOU again apatid for the unfailing support :) Good luck again to your new domain!

gelaikuting said...

Congrats! Happy running

mak said...

wow! akala ko nawala ako....hehehe,, congratz sa bagong look,,,cool na cool... NICE!


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