Sunday Running Motivation: Running is a Test, Not a Game

Games require skill.

Running requires endurance, character, pride,

physical strength, and mental toughness.

Running is a test, not a game.

 A test of faith, belief, will, and trust in one's self.

So hardcore that it needs a category all to itself to define the pain.

When game players criticize,

it's because they aren't willing to understand,

not because they're stronger.

Running is more than a sport; it's a lifestyle.

If you have to ask us why we run,

you'll never understand,

so just accept.
By: Jessica Propst

pop in 36th Milo Marathon

Hubby running in the 21K category during the 36th Milo Marathon Manila Eliminations finishing at 2:15 under the heavy rain.

Hubby is not a competitive nor a professional runner.  He started running just a year ago and adopted it to keep him physically fit.  He’s a football (soccer) player who graduated as a varsity scholar and also a former member of the Philippine National Team.

Happy 1st to this blog and It’s Now a Domain!

Happy 1st to my guinea pig! and CONGRATULATIONS! This is now a domain! Double celebration yey! 


This blog’s anniversary is actually on end July or July 29 to be exact.  It coincides with the annual Milo Marathon but I need to prioritize my posts about the 36th Milo Marathon Manila Eliminations.    This is also the same reason why the Milo Marathon event has a special spot on this blog.  I often share in my blogging story that I’ve been running for some time and this blog has been created but I never posted any entry in spite that I have previous blogging experience.  The Milo Marathon is the running event that motivated me to write my very first blog entry here.

I intentionally made the anniversary announcement on a latter date to give it an impact and at the same time convert it to its own domain.

Looking back on what happened for the last one year of “Run! and Keep on Running” and what this blog has done for me,
  • Well of course it gave me a lot of kilometers of running (ha ha ha).
  • This has been my experimental blog and I’m guilty of neglecting this from time to time (but not the running) especially when I’m working on a new project, but it SURVIVED!
  • The best and the one I will treasure the most – it motivated and continually motivating me to run and stay fit.
  • It uplifted my spirit and keep me companion during the tough times of broken spirit (in terms of career not love).
  • I met a lot of new friends both bloggers and runners and I appreciate them all.
  • It exposed me to a lot of opportunities personally and professionally.
  • It enables me to support several cause oriented projects  and this for me is one of this blog’s greatest achievements.
And what to expect after this milestone?
  • Of course the conversion to it’s own domain.  It is now “”.
  • A much deserved total make-over!
    Don’t be surprised if you find this blog under construction in the coming days because several changes and improvements will be done.
  • Other fitness topics will be included to spice up the running niche and to cater to a wider audience.
  • I will also try to feature the latest in running and fitness products.
  • And hopefully more advertisements and sponsorships.  But don’t worry, I’ll make sure that it will still be pleasing to your eyes so as not to stop you people from visiting and reading my post.
With this I want to THANK YOU all for the support you gave to this blog.  THANK you for reading, following, commenting, linking and whatever great things you did to keep this blog afloat.  You are all so awesome!  I hope that you will continue supporting us and that you will all be still around to celebrate with us on our coming anniversaries.

Let’s Run! and Keep on Running…

Official Winners: 36th Milo Marathon Manila Eliminations

Wow! Me, my family, friends are among the 38,429 runners who had the amazing experience of joining the longest running event in the country, the 36th Milo Marathon that happened on July 29, 2012 at the Mall of Asia. 

38,429 participated in this year’s Milo Marathon Manila eliminations breaking last year’s record of 35,000.

38,429 runners participated in the 36th National MILO Marathon Manila Elims Sunday, shattering last year's 35,000 turnout.
Two-time champion and MILO Marathon national record holder Jho-An Banayag Jason Agravante dominated the 36th National MILO Marathon Manila Elims on July 29, 2012. Winner in the 42K Men’s Division with a record time of 2:39:57 is 23 year old Jason Agravante from Silay City.  This is Agravante’s first major title after participating in six years.  Jason said,

“In the beginning of the race, I was neck and neck with two Kenyans and two Filipino runners, but I picked up the pace midway. I was already leading the pack when we reached the Buendia flyover in Makati City,” said Agravante. “A Kenyan runner tried to overtake me in the last 8 kilometers of the race, however, I was already near the finish line.”

Coming in second and third place are brothers Elmer and Gerald Sabal with 2:45:16 and 2:46:10, respectively.

Winner in the 42K Women’s Division is the 30 year old and two-time champion and MILO Marathon national record holder Jho-an Banayag clocking in at 3:02:20.  Banayag is a native of Compostela Valley and also a Private First Class in the Philippine Army.  She said, 

“The weather slowed me down a bit, but I’d prefer a little rain over a warm day.  I’m looking forward to the National Finals in December. I will dedicate more of my time to training for the finals.”

Banayag is currently training with the RP national team in Baguio City, along with defending MILO Marathon Queen Mary Grace de los Santos.

Both top bets in the Finals Banayag and Agravante pocketed the Php 50,000 top prize, while the runners-up took home Php 30,000 for second place and Php 20,000 for third place. Banayag and Agravante will lead several others to the National Finals on December 9 at Mall of Asia (MOA) grounds in Pasay City.

Among the 2,000 participants in the 42K category is Aklanon Mark Joseph “Aga” Casidsid, who successfully completed the 42-k track despite the challenges of being visually impaired.  This for me is the most heart warming fact in this year’s Milo Marathon.

Winners in the 21K race are, Rafael Poliquit Jr. who finished first in 1:14:35 in the Men’s Division, while Nhea Ann Barcena topped the women’s category in 1:33:38. 

Only local participants, meaning Filipinos and foreigners with a working visa, can join and win in the 42-k and 21-k elimination races. Overseas participants may also join and compete in the 42-K and 21-K tracks at the National Finals for as long as they fulfill the requirements. National race organizer Rio de la Cruz said that for a foreign runner to qualify in the National Finals, he or she must provide proof of finish in any sanctioned or accredited races by the Association of International Marathons (AIMS) one year before race day.  After the Metro Manila Leg, the qualifying race will shift to Naga on Aug. 19.  The complete schedule of the provincial eliminations can be found here while the official Manila eliminations race result can be found here.

The winner in the local category of the 36th MILO Marathon National Finals will receive P 150,000 for the men and women’s division, respectively, while a sum of P300,000 will be given to the winners in the Open category.

The 36th National MILO Marathon is made possible by Timex, the Bayview Park Hotel Manila and Reebok, along with partnerships with the Department of Education and the Philippine Olympic Committee.

Photo and Info source:  Strategic Edge, Inc.


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