Why I Love Running Under the Rain

Yesterday the 4th of July, I was discussing on my other blog that classes were suspended for two days due to continuous rain, making most areas in Metro Manila flooded. This means that my running tot is free for the whole day, Yey!

We put on our running gear and headed to MOA bay side.  We are maximizing all the opportunities that the kids could train before the 36th Milo Marathon where both of them will be running (non-competitive) under the 5K category. 

As we look at the horizon, the dark clouds seems to be warning us that the sun doesn’t have the plan of showing itself.  And that we will have a frequent visitor called “drizzle”.  This didn’t stop us and off we go braving the sunless weather.

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I don’t know with other runners/joggers, but I am more motivated to run under the grey sky with a little drizzle or rain, or even under a bit of heavy rain fall.

As I was traversing my favorite running path. I'm silently analyzing the reasons why I love to run under the rain.  Hmn okay… let me share them to you!
  • Basically it’s not hot and there’s little chance that I will feel thirsty.  Minimal liquid intake also means less chance to urinate, which also means lesser interruptions and longer running time for me.
  • I don’t tire easily when I don’t sweat much compared to when I’m running under the sun/heat.  Too much sweating makes me feel tired.
  • The rain can make most people to feel “down” (including me sometimes).  Running under the rain empowers me to shake off that “down” feeling.  It’s like I’m challenging the rain and telling it “c’mon! you can not bring me down”. 
  • It makes a regular run more challenging.  It drives me to run longer because it takes more effort and longer distance before I sweat out during the rain.  Sweating out the excess cholesterol is the most common reason why we are exercising.
  • And lastly, it gives me the joyful carefree feeling that you can only find in the heart of a child.  It sends you back to childhood.  That unique happy feeling that you’re dancing under the rain!  And for me that’s priceless!
What about you? Do you like running under the rain?


virgo said...

Gusto ko ring tumatakbo sa ulan para di masyadong pagod. Problema lang eh basa ang sapatos tapos wala pa akong kapalit. Isang pares lang ng shoes meron ako na puwedeng itakbo.

Lady Fishbone said...

wow, i like this post po.... rain makes us feel "down" but when i red that "It’s like I’m challenging the rain and telling it “c’mon! you can not bring me down" i feel challenged! HAHA. because it's time of rainy season and i usually hate the rain... but now.... kung uulan ulit, i will enjoy to walk under the rain :D

BloggerRunner said...

ang advise ko, just run with that single pair of shoes then pagtyagaan na lang patuyuin. it's not advisable din naman to run under the rain in consecutive days :)

Warning: Usually umuulan during the Milo Manila elim run umuulan :P

BloggerRunner said...


ha ha o di ba ang sarap i-challenge ng ulan? gusto kong tumakbo dyan sa lugar mo, abangan mo ako ha he he


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