Tomorrow I Will Run… and Everything’s Gonna Be Okay

I’ve got one of the worst weekends of my life.  The  Friday night when I’m supposed to be relaxed and lightly fixing some things for the coming week activities turned out to be one of the most stressful one. 

It seems that the odds are against me last night which happens to be a Friday the 13th.  Not that I believe about the negative connotation related to this date.  I believe that the date has nothing to do with it but because of the thoughtless and careless people who are causing a bad day.

Really, it was a day full of… I don’t know!  From that call on a Friday night, it became a series of unfortunate events until the day that followed.  The phone is suddenly not working when I needed it most, the monthly period, the sudden change in body condition and some more small incidents that piled up and turned into a big bunch of a frustrating day/weekend.  The sad thing is that, I am registered to a 15K run on a Sunday of the same weekend.

But not to my kind of spirit, I’m taking it back.  My having a 15K run tomorrow is not a sad thing rather, a good thing.  Running never fails me.

Tomorrow I will run!  For I know that after running, everything is gonna be okay!



rona said...

Oh may nalimutan ka. Isa pa sa kabdtripan mo ang di na tayo nkkapagtweet hahha! Gorabelles ka sa run! And hoping that your day will become a lot better!

BloggerRunner said...

waaah oo nga sis isa talaga yan sa reason :( miz tweeting with u :(



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