Oops! The Rain Did It Again: 36th Milo Marathon

I saw it coming from the bay approaching my pack heading to the finish line.  Never was I that eager to touch the FINISH line than this race.  I tried to race against it and run as fast as I could! But few meters away from the FINISH LINE, the heavy downpour rammed on my head, then to my body, to my legs and settled in my toes.  I crossed the finish line dripping in wet.  My finisher’s certificate is handed to me with rain drops. Oops! the rain did it again!
It was a reminiscence of last year’s (35th) Milo Marathon, we woke up on a wet July morning.  But unlike last year that we’re hesitant, today we’re determined to go for we know by now that the Milo Marathon pushes through “rain or shine”.

Who’s running?  We are a lot! Hubby is running 21K, I am running in 10K while my two kids and the rest of Team QuekQuek and friends are running in the 5K category.  So the problem now is if the Running Tot will wake and run, and also if the rest of the team and friends will show up.   Luckily we all did! (except for just one who’s on leave).
Group/Team Pic after the race – we are all dripping
and more friends…
Milo with Jom

“Wet look” photos with our WET Finisher’s Certificates and medal


The rain at around 3:00AM (42K) gun start wasn’t that intimidating at all.  It will rain a bit stronger then will stop, then it will rain again from time to time.  But it isn’t anything that the elite and distance runners would mind. Hubby went ahead with our teenage son and his pal to catch up with the 21K gun start at 4:30AM.   Then I followed with the running tot and another running buddy hoping to catch my 10K gun start at 5:00AM.

There was drizzle all along since we left the house.  I arrived at the START line just few minutes before the 10K gun start and found myself a good spot at 2nd wave.

Sharing some short stories and photos…

my spot at the 2nd Wave 10K Gun Start (guy in yellow facing my cam is a race bouncer)

Can you find the Kenyan  in this photo?
Just trying my luck.  I’ve said it over and over – you can not catch a good shot of a speeding Kenyan while you are running.
need to pause and aim! Laughing out loud 

An early pack of returning 21K runners.  The road is still dark and wet.
  I’m slowing a bit here trying to catch a glimpse of hubby who’s running on this category.
Yep! the family is running in different category.

My most hated scene in running events.  How can you even run here?  But it’s understandable for the organizer if they can’t provide bottled water.  The registration fee is very minimal and they have yet to share the fee to the cause of this run – that is providing shoes to under privilege children.  It is really up to the runners to be more responsible in disposing disposable cups.
C’mon runners be a bit responsible!102_0930

There would be a lot more stories to share, so expect more post race piece about the 36th Milo Marathon.  I will also be sharing some official info and photo links in the coming days.  You know, when it comes to Milo Marathon – you will never run out of stories.  I am just too excited to share that the “rain did it again”, but!  “Kinaya namin to!”


Unknown said...


I did it again for 5k only! Haha!

BloggerRunner said...

Thanks Marco! nabasa ka ba ng ulan?

Congrats din sayo! Till the 37th Milo Marathon - we will keep on running ;)

Unknown said...

Hindi ako nabasa. Kasi noong matapos ko ang 5k, saka umulan. :)

Balut The Lucky Blogger said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BloggerRunner said...

Dapat nabasa ka din :) Second Milo ko na dumadating sa finish line ng basa but ok lang kasi sarap naman ng feelings :)


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