Sunday Running Motivation: The Miracle Isn’t that I Finished

"The miracle isn't that I finished.

The miracle is that I had the courage to start."

John Bingham, running speaker and writer

kaya mo yan - Copy

“Kaya Mo Yan!” (“You Can Do It!”)  is my most favorite motivational phrase in running. 

This is a photo of my back wearing my 35th Milo Marathon singlet taken after the race.  I'm glad the same tag line/message is printed on this year's (36th) Milo Marathon singlet.

The photo is taken during my very first Milo Marathon and my second serious 5K race.  If you noticed, my hair is dripping wet.  It was raining so hard but the race was not cancelled.  We ran under the very cold raining July dawn in 2011.  The experience is one of a kind!  I’m sharing some of the experience here.  Don’t miss watching the video, it’s in there!


rona said...

Aw! I like the jersey! At ang pawis ah! Wagas! I can feel and imagine na ang achievement mo para maging hotness! Hahaha. Kaya mo yan! Go go go!

BloggerRunner said...

ULAN yan sis sobrang lakas na ulan ng tumakbo ako dyan. nanginginig ako sa ginaaaaw! at ayan na naman ang hotness :)))


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