Post Race Piece: Greenfield City Clean Air Run 2012

“Uh oh!” That’s what I said when after crossing the finish line someone from the organizer of Clean Air Run tore my timing chip.  Chances are, the race result is erroneous.  And my anticipation is right.  My bib number is showing a guy named – “Zozimo” when I checked it from this race result link!

Race result is one major part of a race.  It is the conclusion of the whole racing event so finding your race results as erroneous is totally disappointing. I don’t think any person who paid for race registration will be happy to see her bib number showing someone else data in the race result.  Much more if you are a female and you will find that your name is “Zozimo” - really not happy!

Anyway apart from the erroneous race result, I am sharing here our experience and personal views with Greenfield City Clean Air Run that happened on May 27, 2012 that I and hubby joined.

REGISTRATION FEE – very reasonable.
PhP 500.00 only for 21K, 10K, 5K and
PhP150.00 only for Kids 500 meters category.
-this fee covers singlet (shirt for kids), timing chip, medal for all categories and finishers shirt for 21K (plus loot bag) .

VENUE is great but it’s tiring to drive more than an hour before and after a (21K) race.  Hubby is not looking forward to another “drive-run-drive”.
START/FINISH line is at the scenic Paseo de Sta. Rosa.  The running route views are open fields of plain earth, trees and grasses, industrial plants (Ford Motors)  and currently developing subdivisions and properties (Solen, etc). 

GUN START – could have been better if  done earlier considering the heat these days.  BUT we understand that it can’t be too early considering the travel time of those coming from the city like us so,
4:30 – for 21K is just fine, but
5:30 – for 10K runners is too late.  I don’t understand why there was AN HOUR INTERVAL from the 21K gun start to the 10K gun start. (21K=4:30AM / 10K=5:30AM).  The 10K runners are already restless waiting at the starting line.

HYDRATION, FOODIE, WET TOWELS – Great! Ample hydration. Runners enjoyed the bananas, ice cream, fried corn (cornick).  There was also wet towels for 21K runners only.

KILOMETER MARKERS – hubby said the 21K markers are just good enough, but
I say there’s not enough kilometer markers for the 10K.  The only marker I saw is at the last 3K.  It would help a lot if there’s just a half distance marker (5th).  Not all of us use “Garmin” you know.

MEDALS – it is very motivating to run knowing that you will have medals once you finished and this event has medals for every category.  Kudos to the especially-designed 21K medals for “Barefoot 21K Finisher”, “My First 21K”,  “21K Finisher”

LOOT BAG/FINISHER SHIRT – content of loot bag and shirt quality is fair enough.
Loot bag contains a sampler of San Marino Tuna Paella and Pancit Canton (“anong konek?) and a flyer of Greenfield’s property on sale.  The 21K runners has additional meds on their loot bags.

No complaints with the loot bag distribution in the lower categories.  But we totally DISLIKE the distribution of loot bags and finisher shirts in the 21K category!  After enduring a 21K  run, the runners have to queue in loops of lines for almost an hour  to claim their loot bags/shirts.  That's kinda' cruel! The distribution in the lower category has been over much earlier and we are wondering why they did not use the area to accommodate the remaining 21K runners.

Hubby broke from the line and we waited sitting for almost an hour till the line shortened and the end result is that he was given a finisher shirt that is not his size (XL).  Frustrating!

PHOTO OPPS – No one beats Greentennial Run when it comes to photo opp. They always have the best set of (volunteer) photographers who capture the best “jump shots”, “look back shots” and any kind of running shots.

Sen. Pia Cayetano doing the jump shot. Photo credits to Running Photographers from Greentennial Run’s Facebook Account
Sen Pia by Running Photographers

Here’s sharing some of my photos from the run:

Arriving in Greenfield City in Sta. Rosa, Laguna at past 4:00AM after more than an hour of driving from Manila (no traffic and all).  Gun start for 21K is at 4:30AM.

The “inspiring” barefoot runners doing their warm-up.

21K runners at the START line.  Hubby’s one of them. 

Runner/host Michelle Estuar at her best form leading the warm-up for the 10K runners.
  Note that the sun is already shining. 

Off we go 10K runners.  See? The sun is starting to be a killer at 5:30AM.

The returning 21K elite Kenyan runner now traversing his last kilometers (LOL) while we 10K runners are just tackling our first kilometer (more LOL).  This is the third from the leading pack.
Again, my camera wasn’t able to capture the speeding two Kenyans leading by few miles from this one.  I was also running while taking this photo.

The traffic we are causing in the area.

Some areas in the running route.
Greenfield City

The birthday boy running on his 18th kilometer on the way to the finish line wearing his white rubber bracelet marker, and
My black rubber bracelet marker given on the 7th kilometer. The heat is now at its best. The other runners among my pace are complaining about the same thing – the FREAKING HEAT!


Several loops of 21K finishers queuing for their loot bags and finisher shirts.


The 3K awarding ceremony with the Greenfield City officers and hosts.  We didn’t finish the program as we need to drive back home. 


Here’s our photo with our medals. We wasted so much time falling in line in the 21K loot bag distribution that we didn’t had the time to enjoy the photo walls and other post race activities.


All in all it was a good run.  Hubby is not very much impressed with his race performance and is currently looking for another race where he can challenge himself again in a 21K run. As for me, well… how would I know? My race result says I’m Zozimo Smile with tongue out.

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