36th Milo Marathon: The Comedy and Fun Begins at the Registration

The Milo Marathon is here once again, now on its 36th year.  I’m expecting another fun filled running experience with my family, fun team and friends.   But I never expected that the fun (or comedy) will start during the registration. 

You have no idea what we went through before we got this!

WM 102_0518
WM 102_0540

This is the only run registration that made me and my BFF to:
  • break out  from the registration line and run in the nearest supermarket
  • shop like hoarder of Milo chocolate powdered drink
  • buy a container where to put the Milo powder
  • look for a place where to do the “dirty job”
  • borrowed a pair of scissor from a restaurant
  • empty the packs into the newly-bought containers under the curious stares of dining strangers
  • and bring these home:
around 1,320 grams of Milo chocolate drinks in powder LOL!
(and more in another container)
WM 102_0566

It is because  we went to the Milo Marathon registration booth with the wrong empty packs of Milo.  We brought empty packs of the 20 gram sachet, the last year’s requirement and we overlook that it isn’t the same this year. We were humorously horrified upon knowing that we are negative by 200 grams per person. We are registering SEVEN people so we need 1,400 grams more. LOL!

To think that we prepared the registrations form early so we can submit them on the first day of registration.  Taking from my previous experience in registering a bunch of runners with Milo, I anticipated that race packs will be instantly out of stocks especially in the fun run categories.  That’s because of two obvious reasons, the popularity of this event and the very cheap registration fee (the fun run categories are almost free).

We found that we are not alone in the error. Most of the registering people brought the wrong Milo sachet and just like us, they ended running to the supermarket. The error brought fun and comedy among the people. It was funny exchanging stories with them but they found ours the most hilarious!

If you want to know the place where we did our "dirty job" - tadaaah!

WM 102_0496

At least this funny experience lead us to a new fave food tripping place - yummy!

So don’t forget people. You need to bring a 220 gram empty pack of Milo chocolate drink (not 20grams).   See you on July 29, 2012!

If you want to know the details about the 36th Milo Marathon, you can read it from my other posts:

Anybody want some Milo, we have a lot over here Winking smile


Anonymous said...

Yay! 220grams pala? Kailangan makabili na!

Marco: The Soul Explorer

Anonymous said...

And this will bring Nestle Company lots of sales:)

BloggerRunner said...

yay Marco hurry up! the Milo Marathon race pack is like a hot potato!
THANKS for the visit :) hope to see you during the run ;)

BloggerRunner said...

that's good. that means they will have the opportunity to support more cause such as the cause behind the Milo Marathon.

for us runners, we are just happy that a huge company like Nestle continuously sponsors this kind of run.

THANKS for the visit


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