Sunday Running Motivation: I Ranked, I THANK YOU

I run

I write

I blog

I ranked



Creating a blog with a niche in Philippine running is suicide that’s why ranking in Google is the least thing I have in mind when I created this blog.  With all the giant blogs and sites in the running industry (yes I call running as an industry now) and the rapidly increasing number of runners due to it’s popularity in this country, almost everybody wanted to have something to say about it so you could imagine how many running blogs are there.

I created this blog for two major purposes.  First,  to continuously motivate me in running.  Second, as my experimental blog – my sort of “guinea pig”.  I’ve been wanting to run a personal blog for the longest time, but work always gets in the way.  So when I had the time to create my own blog, my mind was so caught up in bunch of ideas that it was so difficult to focus on a topic or a niche to start with.  I started with what I am currently motivated and comfortable with – running.

From here I created two more blogs.  Balut Manila is doing good as well and Pinoy Anik Anik is under renovations.  Whatever success and improvements my other blogs are having right now, and whatever future plans I will be doing in my blogging, they are all products of this experiment.  

Now here’s the BEST thing that I call a BONUS.  Unlike other guinea pig that died during the experimental period, mine survived! My Guinea Pig is alive and it’s healthy.  THANK YOU ALL for keeping it alive and healthy!

THANK YOU to the high and mighty One for this blessing.  THANK you to my family and team for being supportive to my running, writing and blogging.  Thanks to Google for this rank,  and THANK YOU my dear readers, followers, runners and blogger friends.

Oooops this is supposed to be my “blognniversary” piece! But heck I’m happy now, why wait?  Let’s run and keep on running.  Let’s blog and keep on blogging!



Dodeng said...

Congrats Light! Keep on Running and Blogging! cheers!!!

BloggerRunner said...

Hey Faith THANKS!
I share to you this simple success. Readers like you are among the reason for this ranking :)

rona said...

Well, congratumalesyons! I learned that from KM. happy to know that this blog is suicide... Oh heck, wrong. I mean this blog is ranking! At take note! Blognniversary din! Again, double congratumaleysyons to you.

Keep running and keep blogging!

BloggerRunner said...

THANKS sistah! ha ha it survived :)
Nope I meant my blognniversary is on July yet. I'm supposed to be reserving the :guinea pig" story, but the ranking of this blog made this the perfect time to share it :)

salamat sa walang hanggang suporta sistah muaah!

Unknown said...

ang bangis..PR 1 na din yung run and keep on running na blog...congrats tita balut :)

BloggerRunner said...

aha ha nandito ka rin SALAMAT talaga Tito Lester :)

lam mo dito tuwang-tuwa talaga ako kasi I'm maintaining this blog without expectations sa ranking, kaya bonus talaga ang rank neto.

MARAMING SALAMAT sa suporta kapatid :)


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