Share Your Running Experience and Stories Here

I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time now and I think it’s high time to invite you people to share your running experiences here especially the newbie runners.

Not only that you will have a space to share your running stories and experiences but also, this will serve as an additional motivation to your running.  Remember that one major reason why I created this blog is to continuously motivate me in running. I’m pretty sure this will serve the same especially to newbie runners.  Who knows, not only that you will be motivated in running but also in blogging – that would be so awesome!

So to keep the ball rolling I am lining up three people to initialize the guest posting and they are… tadah! - my team mates from Team QuekQuek!


Their personality details will be included in their guest post articles, meanwhile you can call them as what is written on the footer of their photos.

Naah! they don’t know I’m posting this today.  This is my way of pushing some pressure to my team mates (LOL).  Anyway they can’t say no, I’ve been the team “coUch” (coach) by force after all, so I can force them to blog right? Smile with tongue out 

I have some more people in mind to do guest postings here.  But if any one out there who wants to share your running experiences or anything about running, consider this the perfect venue to share them!  Leave a comment down here, chat with me in my chat page or contact me in a private message or anywhere you are comfortable with, be it in Facebook or Twitter, I’m on.

See you here soon running peeps!


rona said...

Nice pushing sis! Lol. Im sure theyll be motivated to write for you in this blog. Ikaw na talaga ang may running career! Salamt sa laging dalaw! Muah! I really hope that one day, ill be running with you too. Sana lang. Ang tamad ko kasi pero ang saya tignan mga running pictures nyo.

BloggerRunner said...

Pushing/motivation = Pwersahan LOL. Kinarer na ba? ha ha. Oo nga wish ko lang you'll run soon so and then you can be one of my guest blogger runner here ;)

Salamat din sis!


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