Post Race Piece: Hyundai Run for a Cause

As reported, 26,000 runners showed up to the historic Hyundai Run for a Cause. Celebrities, sports and political personalities, runners and non-runners from all walks of life came to support this fun run.  That was one memorable day that started and finished at Quirino Grandstand.

Here’s the highlights video of that historical day.

Acknowledgment to Hyundai Run for a Cause for uploading this video to YouTube

Obviously this run is a huge success.  It is continuously receiving good reviews from the running community.  Let me share my personal say about this run.
  • Do I need to emphasize it’s FREE?
  • 26,000 runners is HUGE! and yet it is very organized.  The runners in the 5K and 10K category were broken down into several gun start waves.
  • NO LITTERS! my first time to run without the annoying plastic cup litters along the running route. The organizer provided us runners with bottled water,  enabling us to carry it through-out the race and trashing it in the ready trash bags located in every few yards.
hyundai water
  • The post race show is awesome.  We’re enjoying the lively band when some people wearing race singlet that belongs to the crowd suddenly moved into uniform steps and went flying up in the air, OMG it’s a FLASH CHEER MOB!
It sent spectators into frenzy witnessing a surprise cheer mob showdown! I myself was so surprise because the people beside us suddenly are dancing and flying!
I caught the second set of the cheer mob in my video but the sound is not so good so I am sharing the official video instead of the video I took.

Acknowledgment to Hyundai Run for a Cause for uploading this video to YouTube
I share the same comments with the other runners saying if this FREE run can be as organized as this one, why can’t the other organizers do the same?  More so, if Hyundai can make this free, why some running event organizers are charging very expensive fees?

Hyundai Run – a run for a Cause, a family run, a team run, a friend run, a run for everybody. I therefore say  “IT’S MORE FUN TO RUN IN THE PHILIPPINES!”

If you wish to read the details about this run you can find it here and the cause details here.  Till next year Hyundai Run for a Cause!

Race Result can be found here.


ron said...

mayaman lang po talaga ang Hyundai that's why they can hold it for free hahaha :) nonetheless, i hope this happens every year na talaga! :)

BloggerRunner said...

ha ha you're right ron!
runner's are not asking for a free run from the commercialized run event organizers but just an organized one and a not too expensive fees lang. yung iba naman kasi OA mag-charge :(

may Hyundai be continually blessed with success so they can continually campaign for such noble causes.

THANK YOU for being a part of it and THANK you for passing by :) God Bless!


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