Firmoo Sports Goggles

Feeling satisfied with my first Firmoo sunglasses, I ordered another pair from this time a sports goggle for hubby - my birthday gift to him.  Like me, hubby is into sunglasses more for necessity than fashion.  He's a soccer coach, a rider and a runner as well.

My order arrived according to the given ETA shipped via EMS.  So here's what I received tadah!

Crop 101_9725
It comes in complete set of:
5 pieces of replaceable lenses in different color shades
shock-proof sunglasses case
screw kit
micro fiber cloth

I know I said it's a birthday gift to hubby but, the description says its unisex, so…  yes I gotta try this while running ha ha!

What I'm (and hubby) basically looking for from a sports goggles are these:

  • should have sustaining good grip so it won’t fall from the bridge of my nose while running
  • the goggles should be fit/tight enough so sweats, dusts and the likes won't penetrate and hurt my eyes. 
  • should look good on my face

I’m satisfied that Firmoo goggles passed both my first and second requirement for goggles.  As for the third  you'll be the judge, here are some photos.

Firmoo collage

What do you think?

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