Greenfield City Clean Air Run 2012 – Hubby’s 21K Birthday Run

Hubby’s birthday falls on a Sunday so what would you expect to happen?  He’s running Half Mary! and together with me!

Naaah I’m not running half mary (LOL) - just 10K for me.  I wish I could run for 15K or 16K but Greenfield City Clean Air Run doesn’t have these distance categories so I settled for 10K.  I know that I still can’t run 21k so I won’t insist for the sake of medal or whatever.  But soon I hope.  Anyway enough about me because this isn’t about me.  This is about Hubby!

Pop Kick 1
Hubby is not really a runner.  He’s been living with football (soccer) all his life.  Though he wishes he could run more but his schedule is near to impossible.  Anyway his soccer activities is giving him as much running as a regular runner is getting.

This is hubby’s second 21K run.  He started from the lower category and increases his distance gradually.  I would not mention his current PR – it’s his prerogative to reveal that.  But I tell you he has one good PR for a non-runner.  Well he’s been running and kicking all his life.

So Greenfield City Clean Air Run is happening on May 27, 2012 at Greenfield City, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Categories are: 21K, 10K, 5K and 500 meters.  What I like most about this event is that  the registration fee is very reasonable.  It’s PhP 500 only for 5K, 10K and 21K and just PhP 150 for the 500 meter kids category.  I’ll mention the other freebies in my post race piece.

Our singlets and bibs.

Hubby will be taking this 21K route.

When he finished, hubby will have this finisher’s shirt and medal.  Wow!
greenfield finishers shirt
greenfiled 21k pop

While I will be taking this 10K route and will have this medal when I finished.
greenfield-run-2012-map-10k10k medals

There are especially designed medals for first time finisher of 21K and for barefoot runners.  We’re excited to run with them.  Plus, this is our first time to run outside the city for sure this would be fun.  Clean air huh!


rona said...

Wow! Your hubby is gonna run that? Im so excited for the fun! Nice sistah!

BloggerRunner said...

Oo nga sis exciting! at sa birthday nya pa ha :)
Ikaw kelan ka start? kulitin ba naman he he

joy said...

Wow! I am really impressed for both of you. The more i Get to know you, the more I admire you. Keep it up!

BloggerRunner said...

Hi Joy!
I'm glad you found your way here. Oh wow BIG THANKS for that :)
Yeah' I'm really trying to keep it up - the running. That's one reason why I'm maintaining this blog. Thanks and see yah around here :)


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