10 Sunglasses from Firmoo Optical Store for Giveaway

Hello runners and awesome readers and followers, here's some good news for you!

The world’s most popular online eyeglass store, Firmoo.com together with Balut Manila and this blog, Run! and Keep on Running is giving away TEN (10) eyeglasses! Yep you read it right TEN it is!

Our sponsor,
Firmoo.com is the emerging global online optical store of prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses. Years of expertise in optical industry enable Firmoo.com to offer varieties of prescription eye wear to the consuming public in high quality yet at extremely affordable prices. The low prices in Firmoo.com never compromise the quality of eye wear while treating the quality and services to consumers as top priority.
Firmoo.com's mission is far more beyond providing refractive corrections for their customers. Their product portfolio offers wide varieties of most stylish frames for both budget- and fashion-conscious wearers. Firmoo.com will help you realize your dream of creating your own eyeglasses wardrobe!
I myself own two Firmoo sunglasses so far and I’m planning to own more styles.  While you, my dear readers and followers, will have the chance to have this stylish sunglasses for FREE! So here’s how to join.

1. Write a blog entry about Firmoo.com.  Be sure to mention about this giveaway and include in your blog post the image (logos)  below.  You may also include a link of the Firmoo glasses design that you would like to win, you can choose the style from here.


2. Post your blog article on your Facebook account and tweet about the blog entry

3. Leave the URL/link of the blog post, Facebook status and tweet in the comment box below.

4. Use the Rafflecopter form below to cast your entries.

There are more ways to earn additional entries so have fun doing all of them. The more entries you cast, the more chances of winning.  However, please note that the main ticket for you to win is to follow instruction numbers 1, 2 and 3.

Giveaway is open worldwide where Firmoo ships. Winners will be notified by email 48 hours after the giveaway ends.

Good luck everyone! May the best eyes win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

ANNOUNCEMENT of Winners can be found here.

Greenfield City Clean Air Run 2012 – Hubby’s 21K Birthday Run

Hubby’s birthday falls on a Sunday so what would you expect to happen?  He’s running Half Mary! and together with me!

Naaah I’m not running half mary (LOL) - just 10K for me.  I wish I could run for 15K or 16K but Greenfield City Clean Air Run doesn’t have these distance categories so I settled for 10K.  I know that I still can’t run 21k so I won’t insist for the sake of medal or whatever.  But soon I hope.  Anyway enough about me because this isn’t about me.  This is about Hubby!

Pop Kick 1
Hubby is not really a runner.  He’s been living with football (soccer) all his life.  Though he wishes he could run more but his schedule is near to impossible.  Anyway his soccer activities is giving him as much running as a regular runner is getting.

This is hubby’s second 21K run.  He started from the lower category and increases his distance gradually.  I would not mention his current PR – it’s his prerogative to reveal that.  But I tell you he has one good PR for a non-runner.  Well he’s been running and kicking all his life.

So Greenfield City Clean Air Run is happening on May 27, 2012 at Greenfield City, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Categories are: 21K, 10K, 5K and 500 meters.  What I like most about this event is that  the registration fee is very reasonable.  It’s PhP 500 only for 5K, 10K and 21K and just PhP 150 for the 500 meter kids category.  I’ll mention the other freebies in my post race piece.

Our singlets and bibs.

Hubby will be taking this 21K route.

When he finished, hubby will have this finisher’s shirt and medal.  Wow!
greenfield finishers shirt
greenfiled 21k pop

While I will be taking this 10K route and will have this medal when I finished.
greenfield-run-2012-map-10k10k medals

There are especially designed medals for first time finisher of 21K and for barefoot runners.  We’re excited to run with them.  Plus, this is our first time to run outside the city for sure this would be fun.  Clean air huh!

Share Your Running Experience and Stories Here

I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time now and I think it’s high time to invite you people to share your running experiences here especially the newbie runners.

Not only that you will have a space to share your running stories and experiences but also, this will serve as an additional motivation to your running.  Remember that one major reason why I created this blog is to continuously motivate me in running. I’m pretty sure this will serve the same especially to newbie runners.  Who knows, not only that you will be motivated in running but also in blogging – that would be so awesome!

So to keep the ball rolling I am lining up three people to initialize the guest posting and they are… tadah! - my team mates from Team QuekQuek!


Their personality details will be included in their guest post articles, meanwhile you can call them as what is written on the footer of their photos.

Naah! they don’t know I’m posting this today.  This is my way of pushing some pressure to my team mates (LOL).  Anyway they can’t say no, I’ve been the team “coUch” (coach) by force after all, so I can force them to blog right? Smile with tongue out 

I have some more people in mind to do guest postings here.  But if any one out there who wants to share your running experiences or anything about running, consider this the perfect venue to share them!  Leave a comment down here, chat with me in my chat page or contact me in a private message or anywhere you are comfortable with, be it in Facebook or Twitter, I’m on.

See you here soon running peeps!

Sunday Running Motivation: The Greatest is to be a Mother

“Of all the rights of women,

the greatest is to be a mother.”

- Lin Yutang


HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to you all GREAT MOTHERS in the world!

Firmoo Sports Goggles

Feeling satisfied with my first Firmoo sunglasses, I ordered another pair from Firmoo.com this time a sports goggle for hubby - my birthday gift to him.  Like me, hubby is into sunglasses more for necessity than fashion.  He's a soccer coach, a rider and a runner as well.

My order arrived according to the given ETA shipped via EMS.  So here's what I received tadah!

Crop 101_9725
It comes in complete set of:
5 pieces of replaceable lenses in different color shades
shock-proof sunglasses case
screw kit
micro fiber cloth

I know I said it's a birthday gift to hubby but, the description says its unisex, so…  yes I gotta try this while running ha ha!

What I'm (and hubby) basically looking for from a sports goggles are these:

  • should have sustaining good grip so it won’t fall from the bridge of my nose while running
  • the goggles should be fit/tight enough so sweats, dusts and the likes won't penetrate and hurt my eyes. 
  • should look good on my face

I’m satisfied that Firmoo goggles passed both my first and second requirement for goggles.  As for the third  you'll be the judge, here are some photos.

Firmoo collage

What do you think?

Sunday Running Motivation: I Ranked, I THANK YOU

I run

I write

I blog

I ranked



Creating a blog with a niche in Philippine running is suicide that’s why ranking in Google is the least thing I have in mind when I created this blog.  With all the giant blogs and sites in the running industry (yes I call running as an industry now) and the rapidly increasing number of runners due to it’s popularity in this country, almost everybody wanted to have something to say about it so you could imagine how many running blogs are there.

I created this blog for two major purposes.  First,  to continuously motivate me in running.  Second, as my experimental blog – my sort of “guinea pig”.  I’ve been wanting to run a personal blog for the longest time, but work always gets in the way.  So when I had the time to create my own blog, my mind was so caught up in bunch of ideas that it was so difficult to focus on a topic or a niche to start with.  I started with what I am currently motivated and comfortable with – running.

From here I created two more blogs.  Balut Manila is doing good as well and Pinoy Anik Anik is under renovations.  Whatever success and improvements my other blogs are having right now, and whatever future plans I will be doing in my blogging, they are all products of this experiment.  

Now here’s the BEST thing that I call a BONUS.  Unlike other guinea pig that died during the experimental period, mine survived! My Guinea Pig is alive and it’s healthy.  THANK YOU ALL for keeping it alive and healthy!

THANK YOU to the high and mighty One for this blessing.  THANK you to my family and team for being supportive to my running, writing and blogging.  Thanks to Google for this rank,  and THANK YOU my dear readers, followers, runners and blogger friends.

Oooops this is supposed to be my “blognniversary” piece! But heck I’m happy now, why wait?  Let’s run and keep on running.  Let’s blog and keep on blogging!


Post Race Piece: Hyundai Run for a Cause

As reported, 26,000 runners showed up to the historic Hyundai Run for a Cause. Celebrities, sports and political personalities, runners and non-runners from all walks of life came to support this fun run.  That was one memorable day that started and finished at Quirino Grandstand.

Here’s the highlights video of that historical day.

Acknowledgment to Hyundai Run for a Cause for uploading this video to YouTube

Obviously this run is a huge success.  It is continuously receiving good reviews from the running community.  Let me share my personal say about this run.
  • Do I need to emphasize it’s FREE?
  • 26,000 runners is HUGE! and yet it is very organized.  The runners in the 5K and 10K category were broken down into several gun start waves.
  • NO LITTERS! my first time to run without the annoying plastic cup litters along the running route. The organizer provided us runners with bottled water,  enabling us to carry it through-out the race and trashing it in the ready trash bags located in every few yards.
hyundai water
  • The post race show is awesome.  We’re enjoying the lively band when some people wearing race singlet that belongs to the crowd suddenly moved into uniform steps and went flying up in the air, OMG it’s a FLASH CHEER MOB!
It sent spectators into frenzy witnessing a surprise cheer mob showdown! I myself was so surprise because the people beside us suddenly are dancing and flying!
I caught the second set of the cheer mob in my video but the sound is not so good so I am sharing the official video instead of the video I took.

Acknowledgment to Hyundai Run for a Cause for uploading this video to YouTube
I share the same comments with the other runners saying if this FREE run can be as organized as this one, why can’t the other organizers do the same?  More so, if Hyundai can make this free, why some running event organizers are charging very expensive fees?

Hyundai Run – a run for a Cause, a family run, a team run, a friend run, a run for everybody. I therefore say  “IT’S MORE FUN TO RUN IN THE PHILIPPINES!”

If you wish to read the details about this run you can find it here and the cause details here.  Till next year Hyundai Run for a Cause!

Race Result can be found here.


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