Updates on Hyundai Run for A Cause 2012

I picked up our race kits for the much awaited Hyundai Run for a Cause event at HARI Headquarters in Ayala Makati and I am so thankful for the very efficient and helpful people behind this running event particularly to Ron (full name undisclosed for privacy).

I say that the organizer of Hyundai Run for a Cause has been very accommodating to the running public. They also posted several helpful announcements on their Facebook Page and I am sharing the most important ones here.

Posted on Saturday, April 28, 2012
”Race bibs and Timing chips available on race day! Please go to the Baggage Tent starting 3:00 AM to claim. Limited stocks only. Please bring photocopy of your valid ID.”

Posted on Friday, April 27, 2012
Please be reminded of the schedule below:
10K Assembly Time 4:45 AM
Wave A 5:00 AM
Wave B 5:05 AM
Wave C 5:10 AM
5K Assembly Time 5:45 AM
Wave D 6:00 AM
Wave E 6:05 AM
Wave F 6:10 AM
Wave G 6:15 AM
Wave H 6:20 AM
Posted on Thursday, April 26, 2012
No tag, no time. Make sure that your bib and tag numbers match.  Here’s the “how to” on the Strider Tag Usage, the video version is also available in their Facebook Page.

Hyundai Stryder Tag

They also shared the details of eight causes of this run represented by eight different colors of race bibs.

YELLOW: I am running for Filipino Heritage and Culture:
Yellow Filipino

PURPLE: Hubby is running for Youth Development through sports.
Purple Sports

GREY: My son and one blogger friend are running for Social Entrepreneurship and Country Side Development
Grey Social

RED: My little clone is running for EducationHyundai Red

ORANGE: My team mate Dada is running for Community DevelopmentOrange

PINK: My other two team mates Mac and JR are running for Women & Children’s Rights
Pink Womens

GREEN: Environmental SustainabilityGreen Environment

BLUE: Road Safety & Responsible Car OwnershipBlue Road Safety

What cause are you running for?


Mhie @ Travelentz said...

Wow, ang galing they are really organized sis.That's good you have time to run, healthy pa at you showed your support to them.I admire you of doing it.

BloggerRunner said...

Hey Mhie glad u find your way here :)

Yes this is one awesome and noble run. I'm soo happy and proud to be part of it.

THANKS for the appreciation and more THANKS for the visit


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