Sunday Running Motivation: Somebody May Beat Me…

Somebody may beat me,
but they are going to have to bleed to do it.
Steve Prefontaine


I took this photo during the 23rd Yakult 10 Miler Run held last April 1, 2012.  It was few minutes before my awful sprain happened.  Running on my 3rd kilometer, I saw this pack from a distance.  The first sighting of the elite runners after the first turn around. 

A lone Filipino versus four Kenyans leading the race.   “What a sight!” I told myself.  I intentionally stop for some minutes to take a good shot of this pack not minding if I fall behind from my team mates.  I am a blogger this time not a runner.  I can not let this beautiful race scene passed without documenting it from my own camera.  I learned from experience that there is no way that you could take a good shot of a speeding Kenyan while you are running.  I tried several times and all I captured is the edge of their speeding foot (lol but true).

There were two more Filipino runners following behind but the gap is good enough to assume that the winner will surely be coming from the leading pack that I photographed.  Being Pinoy, I am hopeful of course (and wishing) that my “kababayan” will win.  After taking some more photos of the other leading runners, I catch up with my team mates. Then the sprain happened.

Later in the day, I read the headline news “KENYANS DOMINATE 23RD YAKULT 10 MILER RUN”.  The Pinoy came in fourth.  The news wasn’t soothing at all to my painful ankle and to my mood that day.  But I am sure the Pinoy gave them a good bleeding.


KM said...

Those Kenyan legs are made for running! That was indeed a sight to behold - a lone Pinoy - the height and length difference very obvious - striving to keep his pace among the Kenyan pack. Good shot, Balut! And I so agree with the quote you shared :)

BloggerRunner said...

Sinabi mo pa sis!
and thanks! Glad you like the quote :)


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