Sunday Running Motivation: It’s about You. It’s Personal

It's about you.

It's personal.

You're not racing against anyone else.

You only get one first time,

so just enjoy the experience.

Kristie Cranford, Runner's World Challenger of the Week

Finisher's Bracelet from Athena Run

I got this “finisher’s bracelet” a year ago from my first 5K race during the Athena All Women’s Run.  It was my very first serious race and my first birthday run.   I call it “Race Against Myself”.  This is also the race I refer to in my profile as “ the best gift I ever gave to myself”.  I registered to this race days before my 46th birthday and the event was four days after my birthday.  I trained during the whole of my birthday week.

Prior to this, I had sudden weight gain due to change in life style.  I can’t motivate myself in going back to regular fitness activities so I tried running. I challenged myself by joining this 5K run.

Running few kilometers after the gun start, I almost gave-up.  I felt so heavy and I had a pulled muscle on my left leg.  I kept pushing myself.  It was tough but I enjoyed the challenge.  Until I finished!

It was one first time I truly enjoyed.  I cherished the bracelet because it reminds me of one sweet win. From then on I keep challenging myself. I keep racing and it has always been against myself.

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Ji said...

You have such a wonderful finisher's gift that I didn't have on my first 5 & 10k run. But despite it my body now seeks the pleasure of running. Thanks to the sp guy who introduced it to me


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