Goodbye Injury. Back on my Track at the University of Makati!

Running six rounds at the oval track of the University of Makati is how I dealt with my first run after my awful sprain!


Yep after twenty two solid days of not running I’m back on my track! Aaaw that’s a solid twenty two days of not running, what a torture! I missed the grounds, the earth, the wind and every joy of running!  And I’m just glad I’m back on my track.  Just feeling high here and wanted to share the feelings with everybody! and some photos too!

You know when you are just back from injury and you are scared to use the injured part of your body? That happened to me today.  It still hurts a little.  I tested my foot by doing some slow walks while stretching my upper body.  Then brisk while familiarizing my feet on the oval track.  I then started some small running steps until my feet became friendly with the track, then added some little speed and off I go as if no sprain happened!

And I run today to where the Azkals plays.  Some football teams and a rowing team at the background added to my motivation. It just feels so good training myself with them around. Feeling like a pro huh, lol.


Need to be back in gear because in four days I’m saying hello to a 10K run at the Hyundai Run for a Cause! C’mon peeps let’s run! and keep on running Winking smile.


Tal | ThePinayWanderer said...

Hi Balut, glad you're ankle is now okay. Good luck on your 10k run, and take extra care always. Got an office mate who ran 102k, hope to see you on that race too (through your post, that is). Good luck! :)

BloggerRunner said...

Hello TPW!
I'm glad you find your way here :) THANKS and hope the coming run is a good one ;)
Grabe 102K waaaah!

lui said...

Is the oval open to the public?

BloggerRunner said...

Hi Lui, I don't think the UMak track is open for public because it is within a university. Plus I don't remember seeing walk-in runners/joggers at the track when I was there. I was with my hubby who has an officially-scheduled training back then.

You may want to try Philsports' (ULTRA) track, I think that one is open including the pool just with minimal fees.

Thanks for dropping by my site and hope to see you again here. Happy healthy life to you :)


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