Derek Redmond at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics - When You Don’t Give Up, You Can Not Fail

What a perfect time to come across this video.

As I’ve told on my yesterday’s post, I am currently nursing a swollen ankle sprained from my run at the 23rd Yakult 10 Miler event.  I am supposed to draft my “post race piece” for this event after checking my twitter, but I came across this video, posted by RUNNR Store with this message  “Hi RUNNRs! Here's something to touch your hearts this Holy Week! Have a blessed Holy Week everyone! :)”.

I decided to share it here for you all to see instead of just re-tweeting it. This video touched me deeply, I hope this will inspire you all somehow.

Derek Redmond at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics
Acknowledgement to “necessity4failure” for uploading this video to YouTube and to RUNNER Store for the tweet.

Call me dramatic, but this video really made me cry.  I’m not sure if it’s the song, or seeing the emotional and physical pain in Redmond’s face, or the father’s breaking in security to comfort his son and support him through the remainder of the race, or the totality of the video.

I’m not saying either that I am in any near to Redmond quality or personality.  I am a nobody in the running community, just one fun slow runner.  But I have a personal goal that I am seriously aiming.  There is so much frustration and pain when you are seriously trying to reach that goal yet something beyond your control happened.  It is one tough trying time that in spite of the odds and pain, you want to continue and finish.  To go against the odds, to ignore the physical pain.

“Things don’t always work out the way you’d like”

“You don’t have to do this” and yourself says “Yes I do”

“When You don’t give up, you can not fail”

The song is “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban and the father’s shirt says “Have You Hugged Your Foot Today?”

Have you?


rona said...

I saw this vid na din. Super kakatouch. But I was crying my heart out doon sa vid na namatay yung anak sa train rails. Yung walang choice si Papa nya but to save much more lives na nakasakay sa train. It was heartbreaking! Drama talaga yan teh!

I hope that your ankle is now getting healed. Wag pwersado sa takbo, ingat ingat na.. Howkey! God bless!

BloggerRunner said...

Oo ng sistah heart breaking.
My ankle is getting good. Matagal na pahingahan eto :(

Salamat sa dalaw God Bless...

donna santos said...

very heartbreaking indeed! found myself crying, madaling araw pa lang ay..

this video is telling me not to stop running. so far, i've aleady collected three (3) singlets without officially running any marathon or even a fun run... always being sidetracked by personal or health problems. God willing, someday i will run..

thank you for sharing,..

BloggerRunner said...

You're welcome Donna :)
I watched it several times and I'm always teary eyed if not crying.

I'm glad that it inspires you to go on and not to stop running. Your body will adapt somehow, and the personal reasons will be sidetracked, not the running :) When u finally able to run a race & reached the finish line, I assure u it's "heaven"! ;)

Good Luck! Just Run! and keep on running :)

BloggerRunner said...

And oh! Thanks for passing by my site Donna :)


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