The 36th Milo Marathon is Coming Soon!

Runrio released the list of their coming events and I hope to feature all of them here.  But for now, I hope you wouldn’t mind me being biased in one running event that obviously is among my favorites.  Or to aptly say, my most favorite.  The one running event that I don’t mind featuring here again and again, the MILO MARATHON! and it’s coming soon!

I love the Milo Marathon for lots of reasons and I am naming a few here:
  • for its noble cause
  • it’s my first ever post on this blog and I consider that post as my “blognniversary”.  This blog had been set-up and I’ve joined several runs before the 35th Milo Marathon Eliminations, but it is the only run that inspired me to make my first post.
  • It’s my first “rain run”.  It was so fun, exciting and something to cherish - “it wasn’t drizzling, it was raining cats and dogs”.
  • I’ve motivated quite a number of non-running people to start running.  I was amazed by the response on the Facebook event I created
  • the experience is simply the best!
The 35th Milo Marathon Eliminations is done in July 2011 and I supposed it would be around that date.  Maybe you can start clearing your calendars around that date.

As I’ve said, I don’t mind featuring this event here over and over.  I will try to cover everything about it especially the updates.  So if you have queries just drop a comment below and I will try my best to answer them.  Let me be your media!


janyss24 said...

hi..kasama po ba sa reg fee ang singlet?nabasa ko po kc na kelangan suot ang milo singlet pag tumakbo..

BloggerRunner said...

Hi daldell

YES! kasama sa registration ang siglet :) once registered, they will provide you the race/bib number and a singlet :)

See you at the 36th Milo Marathon!

janyss24 said...

thanks! see you there!!



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